Infuse Pro: Supported Video Format

Excited with Infuse on the various video format it could support, including my favorite FLV & MKV. However I have 2 doubts here and hope Infuse could help reply:

  1. After purchased Infuse Pro, I found it doesn’t support FLV at all! None of my flv file appear in the list, may I know is this a bug? or I have to do something else to enable this feature? It clearly stated FLV is supported at the App Store and now I felt cheated…

  2. I also found most of my MKV file are not being displayed in the list, but some of them does… Any suggestion why this could happen?

Also very disappointed! Long time user of ATVFlash on 1st & 2nd gen ATV with all my DVDs in .dvdmedia format (via RipIt or MDRP). Was very excited for new ATV4 and new Infuse but the excitement is gone and replaced by disappointment. Does Firecore have any plans for Infuse to support .dvdmedia files? If not, is there any suggestions on how to convert my .dvdmedia files to a format that Infuse can play? I dread having to convert hundreds of files!

I have exactly the same issue here. None of my MKV file seems to work, it simply didn’t appear from the list. However streaming using Plex works fine.
Do I need to do something to get it work? I am surprise no many people are complaining about this. I am using a paid Pro version!

After some try, I finally got this problem resolved!
I noticed I was using DLNA all the while. And when I switch it to use SMB share, all my mkv files appeared! Although no all mkv files can be played still, but I am happy now :slight_smile:

I want to buy atv 4gen and i have buy infuse pro on ios. On my iphone can i play all my videos on smb share. I have .avi, .mkv, .mp4… Are working this all files on atv 4gen? Couse i have tested on Chromecast, i can stream from iphone .mkv, but .avi file can not. :slight_smile:

Can i play rmvb video file on infuse pro? My TV Show collection is this type of media.

Yes. See James’ quote below:

This would not be a “work around” but an actual format conversion (though it is lossless). You can you MKVToolNix to change container format and convert your DVDs into .MKV files. You would lose the DVD menu but the video and audio would be untouched (as I said, lossless) and you can keep or toss-out other languages and subtitles. The completed .MKV file will be much smaller than the DVD ISO/VIDEO_TS files so if your collection is large enough, this would actually save you significant drive space. The same can be said for the Blu-Ray .MT2S files. Convert them to .MKV and you’ll save significant space without sacrificing video or audio quality.


.mkv, .mp4, .m4v and .avi all working fine for me, streamed from my NAS via DLNA. Just surround sound which seems to STILL have a problem.

Since Infuse does not yet support VIDEO_TS, has anyone tried VideoLAN VLC for Apple TV? (VideoLAN - Press Release - Announcing VLC for Apple TV - VideoLAN)

AVI is suppose to be a supported format, but some play, and some don’t. What is the fix for this? I have looked at all files, and can’t see no difference in them, so can’t figure why some play and some don’t.

This should be resolved in the upcoming 4.0.3 update.

Sorry for the trouble.

Any time line on that update?