Infuse Pro = Subtitle OPTIONS no longer available on APPLE TV 4

Hi there, I’ve purchased INFUSE PRO since a while now. I’m using it on apple TV with a videoProjector. Since today the subtitle size and every other option is no longer available : only position can be adjusted. It looks like you’ve just made an update that suppressed the subtitles setting. Or maybe I’m wrong and you have antother way to set subtitles options. I’ve tried on films I’ve previously watched with size set to very small, so I know for sure, this is not an issues related to movie encoding or so.
The update is automatic so I cannot revert to previous working version.
Please tell me what to do to get this feature back.

I don’t believe there was an update today.

What type of subtitles are these?

Infuse will provide a number of customizable options for subtitles which are text based (srt). Other subtitles types often have fixed properties, so Infuse will be a bit limited in what it can adjust.

One thing to try would be to download a subtitle from OpenSubtitles for one of your videos. This should present you with a full list of options.

the subs are the same every time = embeded and selectable in mp4. I’ve noticed that some have the options, and some don’t . so I guess there is a glitch unless you tell me that there are tricky features hidden in mp4 that disables option for subs. so far my tests are based on a selection of HD movies, 1920x1080… fps can sometime differ, and selection of subs is always available (of course, these are not encoded with the image : I can disable/enable). the encoding method of subs may also change but I never have display problem : iso or whaterver, all characters display correctly

If these are subtitles straight from a Blu-ray, then it’s likely they are in a PGS format, which is graphic based. In this case, Infuse would not be able to manipulate all of the available appearance options.

If you are in the mood, you can run one of these videos through MediaInfo to get more details on the type of subtitles these are.

MediaInfo for Mac

MediaInfo for PC