Infuse Pro required to play on Mac?

I just installed Infuse on my MacBook Pro. Connected to my media via Plex. Trying to play some content. Each time I try, I get a pop-up for Infuse Pro. When I click the X, I go back to the previous screen. Not sure what I am doing wrong.

Not sure about plex but it depends on the specific file’s audio and video types. Some higher quality types require infuse pro.

With the free version of Infuse you can use plex but the free version also has limited types of files it can view. The pro version will remove the restrictions on those.

If it’s asking for you to upgrade to pro then that file has one of the limited codecs or types.

Try another type of file.

Very interesting. Tried three. One was a 1080p EAC3 MKV file. I can’t imagine how this one is restricted.

It’s not about the resolution but rather the encoding format. So if it is hevc/h265 then that will need it. Audio I think eac3 should be supported since apple provides that support as well. Things like truehd and DTS-ma require pro.

You can use an app called media info to spit out all of the specs

It’s H.264 4.0 High per Plex. I’ll try a few more.

The most common cause for requiring Pro is that the video has a Dolby encoded sound track (such as your mentioned EAC3). My understanding is that Infuse uses licensed software from Dolby to decode this audio, and as this requires a license fee to Dolby is not available in the free Infuse version, only in the Pro version.

The fact that EAC sound tracks requires pro is mentioned in the Infuse description in the App Store towards the end of the description under the heading “Get more with Infuse Pro!".

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