Infuse Pro required for AC3 passthrough to my receiver? That doesn't make sense.

I have an ATV 4 and a Sony receiver that supports both DTS and AC3. The passthrough option in Infuse is available, but when I select the AC3 or DTS track, the upgrade to Infuse Pro page appears. I thought that Infuse Pro is only required if you don’t have an audio receiver and need the ability to directly play the AC3 or DTS track in a video file. The receiver should be handling the AC3 or DTS audio track, not Infuse.

Is the pro version of Infuse required for AC3 and DTS passthrough even if you have a receiver that supports both those codecs?

I don’t mind paying for Infuse Pro to support Firecore, but I’m just looking for some clarification on this issue. At the least, the passthrough audio option should be disabled then if the Pro version is required to passthrough AC3 and DTS audio tracks.

Anyone? Just need to know if passthrough is broken on my Infuse install or if I need to upgrade to Pro just to enable passthrough, even though the option is available and toggleable in the free version.

Yup, you’ll have to purchase the Pro version (or upgrade the free version) in order for Infuse to play files that contain Dolby licensed material. Even though you’re going to do a pass through it still requires Infuse to decode the file so it’s disabled in the free version that has no license for Dolby hence the notice to upgrade to pro.

One other thing, remember that if you upgrade your installed free version if you ever have to reinstall you’ll have to download the free version again and it will be automatically upgraded. If you try to DL the Pro version it will ask for payment again. The Pro version and the “upgraded” version preform exactly the same it’s just how you got there that makes them different.

Thanks for the info.