Infuse Pro -> Remote Plex not on 32400

I just purchased Infuse Pro because it looks robust and seems to be exactly what I need. I’m running on the latest Apple TV 4K and a remote Plex server (Linux). The catch is that the Plex server is sharing via port 8443 and not 32400. Infuse has no trouble connecting to my account and even has no issue pulling down the large catalog of movies and TV shows.

However, when I attempt to play ANYTHING, I get about a minute of a spinner followed by “An error occurred loading this content. - OK/Cancel”

The Plex server is configured with the correct customer server access URL: and I have no issues playing the any content via iOS, tvOS, or Web Plex clients.

If I temporarily reassign the Plex server to the standard 32400, I am able to get this to work. However, this is only a temporary solution as I cannot keep that port open long-term.

If I had to guess, I’d say that Infuse appears to be ignoring the port that is telling it to use and, instead, always using 32400. If that is not the case (and that is not a bug) then what is the solution to get this working on another port?

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Infuse will actually get the current connection info from, though in a few cases we have seen some issues with certain network/ISP setups.

As a quick test, can you try changing your Apple TV’s DNS to Google’s (as described here: How to manually update DNS settings on your Apple TV | iMore) to see if this makes a difference for you?

If that doesn’t help, we probably need to take a deeper look into what is going on, so if you could replicate the issue, send in a report from your Apple TV, and open a support ticket we can work to get to the bottom of this. More info on how to submit a report can be found here. Troubleshooting and Getting Support – Firecore

Thanks for your reply. Changing the DNS part was easy. However, even after force-closing all apps and even restarting the unit (just to ensure caches were cleared, etc.) the error persisted.

Report submitted and followed up with an email along with the reference code.


Thanks! We’ll take a look.

We believe this should be resolved in today’s 5.7.4 update. :slight_smile:

Please give it a try and let us know how it goes.