Infuse pro playback problem

Hi there.

I use infuse on my atv for movies and tv shows. But I would like to use infuse on my Mac to AirPlay music videos to my atv.
But every time I try to AirPlay (dual screen) it won’t play the files. But when I use it as standalone on my Mac, it plays the files without a problem.

I already have a pro subscription, but the app on my Mac doesn’t seem to recognise/know that I have a subscription.
I thought that maybe I had to have two subscriptions, but it tells me that I already have one.
I’ve tried to press restore, and it comes up with the “thanks” message, but it doesn’t do anything.

Support for AirPlay on Mac isn’t available just yet, but will be added in an upcoming version.

If you see the Thanks message on the purchase page, then your Pro features should be activated. You can confirm this by looking for the Infuse Pro badge in the Settings menu.

Okay, then that answers that.

So if I have that red/orange badge in the top left corner, then I have the pro features activated?

Yes, if you see the Infuse Pro badge in Preferences, then your Pro features are active.

Screen Shot 2021-07-13 at 9.00.35 AM