Infuse Pro on Apple TV 4k With HDD Storage in Asus router

Hello everyone.
I’ve recently been trying to set up a media server of sorts to stream my movies, tv shows and so on, on my an Apple TV 4k with Infuse app.

My Router is from asus with 2 usb ports (1 x 2.0 snd 1x 3.0). My router can see the harddisk, and i have tried to share it also. But when i try to add the path, there is nothing there or permission denied.

Im a fast learner and i see myself as a good IT guy , if i dont know anything about it, i usually can guess my way forward, BUT here when it comes to NAS servers and shares, im completely lost and cant see a way to fix it :sweat_smile::hot_face:.

Anyone here who can help me ? And tell me an step by step guide if possible and explain why when and where :face_with_peeking_eye::rofl::pray::heart:

Best Regards.

I’m not familiar with the Asus routers but I found this that seems to be pretty detailed on how to set up a SMB shared disk.

SMB is a good place to start so you should be able to get it running.

Here’s the users guide for Infuse on how to set up a share.

Thx alot!! It helped. Still dont understand what im doing :rofl::sweat_smile:.

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