infuse PRO on Apple TV 4 support WebDav usb Wifi drives?


As my subject describes, i would like to know if INFUSE PRO for apple tv support WEBDAV like it does for IOS?

I stream to my iPhone/iPad data wirelessly from my sandisk usb wireless stick and would love to do it on the new apple tv.

So please do tell me so i know if i can invest in a Apple tv or not…

Stop using ALL CAPS and someone might consider helping you…

If i use caps it is to identify something and not to yell.

I just posted this message so why come and bother this topic.

If no positive feedback on this topic stay out of it

Yes, Infuse Pro on the Apple TV supports the same streaming options (except for Direct URL streaming) that are available on iOS.

So, in essence - If it works on iOS, it should also work on Apple TV. :wink: