Infuse Pro not recognised when ATV contains multiple users

As the title says, I have one user subscribed to Infuse Pro and one not. I’m using the user that is subscribed to Pro. I’m not sure if this is a straight up bug or something I need to change on my end.

When you have multiple users on ATV it has to be the primary user on the ATV that has the subscription to Infuse Pro.

That is already the case. It is the ‘Default User’ according to my settings app, but still no luck.

You might try signing out of the app store and then back in also.

Are you seeing a purchase prompt? What happens when you click Restore?

Also, you may look at setting up Family Sharing to see if this helps.

Yes so, I have my primary (default) user set to the correct subscribed account. This is an European account, currency in €.

I am seeing the purchase prompt with prices in GBP, which is my second account’s region. Restore doesn’t do anything.

It’s not a huge problem for me, I removed my second account and re-installed Infuse and that did the trick. Just want you guys to be aware of the bug :slight_smile:

Not a bug — you also need to be logged into the correct App Store.

The Default User, with a Single Apple ID, can be logged into different iCloud, App Store, and Game accounts.