Infuse pro & new SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick

Hello to all,

Can someone tell me if this new wireless stick from Sandisk is working with infuse pro to stream videos from it?

When i look on the website of sandisk it says it can stream videos etc and that is has a webdav client


Does someone has it and tested it with infuse pro for some streaming?

Especially some large MKV files?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Really nobody?


As nobody replied, i went and bought this wireless usb stick from sandisk and it works very very well with INFUSE PRO on iPad or iPhone.

I can stream wirelessly stream my 1080 mkv files from the stick to my devices and i can still go on 4G network even though i am connected to the wifi from the usb stick.

Following question, i would like to know if APPLE TV Infuse pro supports webdav usb wifi sticks so that i can stream to my future apple tv 4?

Thank you

Aye that doesn’t help. This page is at the top of search results for seeking HOW to do this. An explanation would be helpful as I am not the most technically savvy. I see all this jargon of FTP and Network Share, Direct URL, “Connect to Plex”, Add Cloud Service, and etc that it’s making my head spin. Just tell me how to connect the damn thing to the other damn thing so I can use the damn thing.

… But then magically it pops up as available. I didn’t do anything but see it at the very bottom under “Available Shares” so that’s pretty cool.