Infuse Pro (Multiple Devices)

I have a Lifetime subscription and have 4 Apple 4kTVs connected on a family account.

One of those units is having a problem and saying that Infuse Pro is required.

I’ve updated all the software - ios 12, tvos 12, infuse app re-logged into trakt tv and even deleted the app and reinstalled everything from scratch…it will just not sync up. The other 3 units work fine.

Would removing the person from the family account and then re-add them solve this? i don’t know if there’s a limit in regards to Apple allowing to remove and add over and over so i’d like to know before taking this step


There are two different versions of Infuse. Infuse and Infuse Pro. You have to have the same on all devices. Sounds like you may have different ones. If you have the lifetime sub you want plain Infuse not the pro. Then you restore the lifetime sub.

There is also a thread on how to share the app. Infuse Pro: Purchases, Upgrades, and Family Sharing

that’s what i’ve downloaded…i was the initial downloader, then created the family account, then had each of the other users download it using the family purchases page so there would be no mistake

it was working up until the ios 12 update

How many total devices are you trying to share on? Since you mentioned iOS and tvOS are you also using it on iPads or iPhones as well as 4 apple tvs?

an ipad/iphone here and there…its mainly for the apple tvs

is there a limit to the number of devices?

Yup, I believe it’s 6.

Sounds like you may be just over the limit.

Edit to add, just found an Apple support page that says 10 devices can share BUT it seems that it totals devices used by each member of the family that is sharing so the way I understand it, if Dad has 3 devices on his icloud account and Mom has 3 and the two kids each have 3 that would be a total of 12 and that would be over the 10 device limit.

Here’s the Apple page that I’m referring to and it’s not real clear but that seems to be the answer.

Just a thought, as a test maybe sign out one of the other ATVs and see if you can then add the one giving you problems.

i’ll try that out…thanks