Infuse Pro Lifetime?

I purchased Infuse Pro Lifetime but when viewing Infuse on my Apple TV it just shows Infuse Pro when I’ve upgraded to Version 7

I’ve double checks my emails and it confirms that I purchased lifetime version

Does this not get displayed on the app like it does with Plex (ie PlexPass Lifetime) so to prevent confusion for users as when I saw it said Pro and nothing else that I would end up having to purchase again.

If you’re running infuse 7 and it says pro then it’s using your subscription. There are two versions, free and pro.

Please read through this thread and see which version you have by matching the pics shown in the thread. That will tell you what you have and what your options are I think.

Thanks, it shows the lifetime in purchase history, would be good if it actually showed that on the app system settings, as only way i could check was to logon through itunes on a pc as can’t see information on the apple tv as its not classed as a subscription

That’s just some of the hoops the developer had to jump through to offer different versions.

If you download the free version 7 and when you open it, go to the settings screen and it shows pro that means your good to go and it sees your lifetime subscription.