Infuse Pro Lifetime purchase not able to share using Apple Family Sharing


I purchased Infuse Pro Lifetime License back in June last year but never able to get it working with Apple Family sharing.

License works fine for me as purchaser, but it doesn’t work with any family members - even though all members in my Apple Family Sharing has both Subscription and Purchase sharing turned all bi-directionally. I also tried flesh install of the Infuse App on iPhone, iMac, iPad, Apple TV using a family members Apple ID but nothing works (i.e when clicking on the “Restore” button in Infuse License dialog, it spins for a second but does nothing).

It is very frustrating. Can someone please help!


Sorry you’re having problems!

You may want to read through the users guide for family sharing. That will give you some trouble shooting help and also some options to try including using Trakt. You can find that guide here.

You are all in the same locale?

All Apple IDs of my family members are set to US region. One is using Chinese language. Don’t think that matter right?


As long as everyone is using the same App store it’s fine. Different country app stores have been known to cause problems.

First, did you have everyone delete and re-download the app from the main family member’s list of Purchased apps in the App Store?

Second, did you try the Trakt solution?

Hi yes! the Trakt method worked on iOS. How do I get it to work on iMac and Apple TV please. This is hopeful :).


Nevermind. Trakt Sync made licensing work also on iMac and ATV.
Thanks for the promptly help.

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