Infuse Pro Issue

Before I beta tested Infuse 4, I upgraded Infuse to Pro (version 3.6.2) because I thought that would entitled me to Infuse Pro for the Apple TV.

Soon after the release of Infuse 4 on the ATV, I downloaded it and set it up (edited all wrong metadata from all my movies and series).

Since I didn’t see any “restore purchases” on the app store, I decided to hit BUY, thinking that it would tell me that I already had the app and that it would just upgrade the one I had to Pro. That was not the case. I ended up with two apps, one Infuse and another named Infuse Pro.

My question is: Did I just pay 9.99 for Infuse Pro even thought I had Infuse Pro on my other devices?

It is very confusing, why two apps on the ATV and why the one on my devices are still 3.6.2?

Please explain what should I do.