Infuse Pro is very slow to load iTunes Videos

Version: Infuse Pro 5.7.1
iOS: iPhone X (11.3.1), iPad mini 4 (11.3.1)

Settings > General > Show iTunes Videos: ON
Settings > General > Metadata Fetching: OFF
Settings > General > Embedded Metadata: ON

I have movies and TV episodes in iTunes library and playing on from Infuse Pro.
All video files are encoded in H264/AAC/MP4 format, 640x480 to 800x640 resolutions, 2 hours to 70 hours long and 500MB to 16GB size.

When I open these videos to play, it says Loading… and progress wheel spins but it takes very long time.
On iPhone X, smallest video takes 10 seconds and longest video takes 20 seconds.
On iPad mini 4, smallest video takes 30 seconds and longest video takes 70 seconds.

All other media playback applications like TV(Apple), VLC, PlayerXtreme and Plex start playback these videos instantly (less than a second).

Why Infuse Pro takes tremendous amount of time to load and start playback?

Once Infuse Pro starts play, as long as I don’t hit “Done” and keep the video opened, next time it starts play relatively faster but it still takes up to 10 seconds instead of 70 seconds to resume playback.

Would you mind sending in a report from your device so we canlook further into what’s going on in this case?

I tested it a little more and I have confirmed that this slow start problem occurs only when you play iTunes Videos.
If I play the same video via “File Sharing” and “Browser” options on “Add Files”, it starts playback in a second or two.
Why iTunes Videos take such tremendous amount of time (10 to 70 seconds) to start playback?
If I play the same video via iTunes Videos on PlayerXtreme, it take only a second or two to start playback.
That means it’s not iTunes problem but Infuse’s problem.

By the way, videos added via “File Sharing” and “Browser” options introduce other problem.
Unlike iTunes Videos, those videos never use embedded artwork even if “Embedded Metadata” option is enabled but a film icon in black rectangle is used instead.

After updating to Infuse 5.8, I noticed that the embedded artwork showing for videos added via “File Sharing”.
Have you fixed the embedded artwork issue mentioned above?

Great to hear!

There were a few related changes in 5.8 which could have affected this, yes.

Can you try updating to the 5.8.2 version to see if this helps in your case?

5.8.2 includes a number of improvements for loading iTunes videos.

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