Infuse Pro IOS- Screen Lock option and Video Title information during playback

Hi there! I absolutely love Infuse Pro on my Ipad Pro 3rd Gen! Just a couple of minor feedback points for features i would love to see in future updates that would make this app perfect!

Would you consider adding a ‘screen lock’ button? I frequently touch the screen by accident and adjust the volume or brightness and it would be great to have the option to toggle on a screen lock so you can touch the screen without triggering any responses from the video player.

Also would you consider adding the title of the video that is playing at the top of the screen when you tap the video player? I love being able to quickly see the episode number or name of the show i am watching and currently there is no way to see this while the video itself is playing.

I hope you agree with this feedback and might consider adding these features for future updates. Keep up the amazing work and thank you!!

You can go into Infuse Settings > Playback > Turn off “Gesture Control” and that will solve the volume and brightness issues. It will still bring up the player controls if you tap the screen but you won’t be changing things accidentally.

Thanks for the reply NC Bullseye! Yes i have done that in the past. The thing is that i like the gesture controls for volume and brightness and i use them frequently! I just want the option to lock the screen when i require it. I hope that can be updated in the future. fingers crossed!