Infuse Pro grayscale artifact on tvOS

Hello FireCore dev team. I’ve been using infuse pro for 2 years, and paid for infuse pro 5 upgrade recently. It’s definitely THE best movie player on iOS/tvOS. Thanks for your great work!

While using infuse pro (no matter infuse 4 or 5), I found that, it has some display artifact in dark scene. To better describe the problem, I uploaded a screenshot.

In the screenshot is the “Super Hivi Cast” black level test material, to show the grayscale 1 ~ 32. In the picture you can clearly tell the difference in between grayscale bands, which is good, BUT you can also see there are “colors” in the grayscale bands. eg. band 2 and 7 are reddish, and band 4 is greenish.

If I use mrMC to play the same material, this “color artifact” problem is not that obvious. Using VLC to play, you won’t see any color artifact and the grayscale bands are “pure” black & white.

Does this “color artifact” problem affect the regular movie playback? And is there a way to remove this artifact?

Thanks again for your work and feedback.


one more thing:

apple tv 4 has been set to RGB low output, to match the projector’s “computer” input selection.

RGB high seems to be 16 ~ 235 and it will make the black level very “light-gray”. ycbcr shows the normal black level, but you will mix some of the gray bands, for example, band 5 will be the same as band 6. Only the RGB low output option can work perfectly with the projector’s computer input option.

but I don’t think it’s the problem of the output option, because VLC shows the perfect black&white grayscale.

BTW: to prove it’s the problem of infuse app instead of device output / input options, we can see this “color bands” on iOS version of infuse as well. while playing the “grayscale test of Super Hivi Cast” on iPad, you can easily see band 8 is greenish and band 10~12 are reddish and band 13 is greenish again, and so on. (Maybe you need to brighten the iPad to see clearly.)

to better help solving the problem, here I uploaded the video file. (directly copied from the blu-ray disc folders)

download the file and change the extension from JPG to m2ts, you can see the problem. (maybe you should brighten the monitor to see clearly.)

Thanks for the info.

This is something we’re currently looking into, and hope to have resolved soon.

Thanks again for your guys efforts and great work.