Infuse Pro Family SHaring

Just wondering why we have to link a trakt account?
Only reason I ask is I have multiple accounts (one for each family member) and I dont want to screw up the watched/unwatched for each users. Anyone have a work around on this?

I’ve asked them the same thing since Infuse 5 was released and they first offered subscriptions. I just asked again yesterday. They’re adamant that sharing a trakt account between all family members is good enough. There is no workaround and no plans to change this. The only option we have is to buy the standalone app — for which I am very grateful to them for making it available :slight_smile: It is unfortunate though because a subscription would have been easier and worked out cheaper over the years… :confused: sorry.

That’s Apple’s problem, In-App purchase does not work for Family Share, but at least Infuse has a workaround by using Trakt to share the purchase.
Or you can get the standalone Pro version.

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