Infuse Pro & DTS 5.0


I have the latest AppleTV Gen 4 with latest tvOS version (no beta). I purchased Infuse Pro & started building my library which works flawlessly.

But I have several files with a DTS 5.0 audio track and even though these play, I only hear the music from these files. The dialog is completely muffled. Infuse is set to Auto & tvOS is set to Best Quality Available so I would get PCM on my receiver. When I set tvOS to Dolby Digital 5.1 it works but then I lose my uncompressed audio stream.

Is there anything that would cause this behaviour? My receiver is from 2016 & supports PCM, even Atmos & 4K.

Welcome to the forum, and sorry for the trouble.

DTS 5.0 isn’t a very common format, so if you have a chance, would you be able to upload one of these files so we could review it here?

I have a BluRay rip of The Little Rascals movie which is having significant audio issues. The primary audio track is English DTS-HD MA 5.0. It seems to be the only thing different from most of my other rips. Do I need to change anything on the Infuse setup other than set the Audio to Auto?

It sounds like 5.0 tracks (which aren’t very common) require some special handling, which we’re going to look into.

This has been resolved for the upcoming 5.8.4 version.

Thanks for your patience. :slight_smile: