Infuse Pro - Does not save watching progress

I recently updated to Infuse Pro on my Apple Tv 4k and linked it to my home plex server to be able to watch Dolby Vision titles from my plex server. I am finding an issue where when I play a title, it does not save progress.

E.g. If I pause and exit the app at 15:00 it does not save the progress I have to play from start.

I noticed that when I hit pause while watching it only appears that a few seconds has elapsed (e.g. 0.03/42:18)

So I resynced with PMS and tried watching last night’ House of the Dragon episode. I watched the whole way through and at the end when the credits rolled I hit pause and I got this screenshot:

IMG-0395 — ImgBB (Stuck at 3:58 timestamp even though the episode is finished)

I excited the show and I get this screen saying I am at 3:58 when I should be near the end of the show: