Infuse Pro crashes in PiP mode

Anyway to fix ?

Which device are you seeing this on?

Which version of iOS/tvOS/macOS and Infuse are you using?

Is it affecting a specific video or all of your videos?

@james This is happening for me too. Seems to happen when the video has not fully buffered (streaming from an SFTP server).

iPadOS 15.4.1, Infuse Pro 7.3.7

Can you try updating to 7.3.8 to see if this helps?

If you’re still seeing issues with the new update and are able to send in a quick report (and post the code here) it would be super-helpful.

This has happened as well for me a few times I’m on an iPhone 12 Pro running iOS 15.4.1 it’s happened on 15.4 as well. I just updated to the new firmware of 7.3.8 hopefully that patches it.

iOS 15.5

iPhone 11 and iPad 8th generation.

Still does it too. On latest Infuse Pro. :frowning: