Infuse Pro can't work without Internet

Hello, I have a problem. I have Infuse Pro subscription and using Infuse on my iPad and Apple TV 4K.

When I haven’t the internet - Infuse can’t load any movies from my local Plex server.

But the Plex original client shows it.

How I can solve that problem?

I used Infuse for a few weeks without home wifi, but I don’t use Plex or Emby, just a direct NFS to my NAS. Since Infuse pulls a lot of data from the Cloud (TMDB), I had a few minor glitches such as Cast & Crew photos not being able to download (I don’t store those on my NAS) and thus showing the generic thumbnail headshots instead; or grabbing a new subtitle file when one of my local ones turned out to be badly translated … but I built the library before disconnecting the internet and saved local NFO, subtitles, posters and fanart, so those continued to function normally.

Only thing I might suggest is if you could connect to internet long enough to sync the library? Perhaps tether to cell data?

Thank you. Can you explain, how I can do manual sync of the library?

Sorry; I maybe should have said “import”?

I meant in my experience it’s necessary to be connected to the internet when you initially have Infuse scan your shares (so it can pull metadata from TMDB). Infuse seems to need the internet to properly categorize and sort your movies & television episodes; regardless if your collection has such information in local .nfo files.

Once the import is done, Infuse seems to mostly work fine without continued access to the internet, with certain exceptions for metadata you might not have stored locally (like cast and crew photos).