Infuse Pro can't see anymore my Mac on the network

Hello The community

Since weeks, infuse pro is not able to connect to shared drives I saved such as not able to find my Mac anymore on the network.

Everything worked well before and now my Mac is no more reachable by Infuse Pro.

It looks like the last update of the IOS created the issue.
I spend hours looking at set up on the Mac and to me everything looks ok for network and shared drives.
I activated shared options on the general set up such as on the specific folders I want to share (folders are on a usb-c hard drive connected on the MAC).

When I try to find the MAC again on Infuse Pro, MAC is not seen on the shared available part.
When I try to create a new SMB network shared, it is requested

  • an address : I type “my Mac name”.local
  • user : user I used to open my Mac session
  • password : password I use to open Mac session.
    and the connection failed.

I contacted mas assistance and to them, everything looks ok on MAC side.

Do you have any ideas?

Thank you very much