Infuse pro cannot pause while connected with bluetooth audio

Hardware: Apple TV 4K, SONY OLED, Synology NAS 1819+
Software: tvOS, Infuse Pro both upgraded to latest version

Issue: If connected via bluetooch audio (B&W Formation Duo Speaker), Infuse Pro will not pause while playing, it just jagged and continue to play. Restared ATV and the issue remains.

Extra information:

  1. To verify whether ATV controller is working normal, I did the same in Apple TV+, “Pause” button works perfect, i.e. controller is OK.

  2. When disconnected bluetooth, i.e. use TV speaker as audio, Infuse Pro can pause normally.

  3. When connected with airplay (not bluetooth), Infuse Pro can pause normally.

Anyone has the same issue? thanks

Is that latest in publicly released or betas?

It’s public release, not beta, thanks.

Welcome to the forum! Just a suggestion for posting, since this forum is used by many users over a period of time it really helps to put the actual version numbers for software like Infuse and tvOS since they both change frequently and your problem may be addressed in a recent release.

Could you explain what you mean by jagged? Sorry it’s not a term I’m familiar with.

Are you using the Siri remote that came with the ATV or an aftermarket remote?

Sorry for my inaccurate description, it means as below:

I press the pause/play button on the ATV remote controller, the TV screen will pause for around (estimated) 0.5 second and then continue to play. It feels like the “pause” order is received but another order overwrites it.

My tvOS is 14.4(18k802)
Infuse Pro is 6.6.2