Infuse pro can no longer be used

嗨,我大约一个月前订阅了infuse pro的年费,订阅成功后可以正常使用。然而,最近,每当我在iPhone上使用infuse pro时,该功能总是受到限制,并提示我订阅infuse Pro。当我在订阅界面上单击“恢复购买”时,它就不起作用了。我已经确定我登录的苹果ID是当时订阅注入pro的帐户。此外,我可以在苹果电视上正常使用infuse pro功能。我对此非常难过,希望得到答案

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Hi, I subscribed to infuse pro for an annual fee about a month ago, and I can use it normally after the subscription is successful. However, lately, whenever I use infuse pro on my iPhone, the functionality is always limited and I am prompted to subscribe to infuse pro. When I click “Restore Purchase” on the subscription interface, it doesn’t work. I have determined that the Apple ID I logged in with is the account that was subscribed to Injection Pro at the time. Also, I can use the infuse pro function normally on my Apple TV. I’m so sad about this and want answers

Clicking on the subscription fee again will show that you have already subscribed

As you can see above, when I click OK, the image appears, but there is nothing wrong with my network, and I have tried to mount a VPN, but it still doesn’t work

Please try the steps found in this guide to restore your subscription. This will most likely resolve what is going on here.

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