Infuse Pro: Bulk File Copy from USB

I should start with the fact that I do love the integration of USB storage.

However, are there any plans to support bulk file copy? Currently, the only way to copy files that I know id “copy and play” whoch is only available for individual files.If I want to copy a whole set of files or entire folders I don’t know of any way to do this without using the copy and play feature.


Welcome to the forum!

Yes, this is possible to do via the iOS Files app.

  1. Use the ‘Select’ option in Files to choose the files on the USB drive you want to copy
  2. Tap the ‘Move’ button
  3. Select the Infuse folder

Files will be copied from the USB to Infuse’s local storage.

Great, thanks!
Tried it but hadn’t added a file to local storage before so the folder wasn’t there.
Works like a charm now.

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