Infuse pro Apple tv 4 pro

Is Infuse pro for Apple TV4 a free upgrade for Infuse pro v3 users ? My Apple TV 4 wants 9.99.

It was free for me. Did you check your purchases section? That’s where I downloaded it.

In the Appstore on the purchased items and you can download it for free!

How did you purchase your infuse Pro 3?

Did you buy Infuse Pro 3 directly, or did you upgrade from the free version to the Pro version by an in app purchase?

Yes I have been going back and forth with Apple, I did an in app purchase of infuse pro to version 3 and have been having nothing but troubles. If I redo my iPhone I have an issue every time I reinstall infuse v3, Apple always wants me to re purchase and then they refund me, so I did that yesterday after I purchased infuse pro v3 pro again infuse pro 4 worked on Apple TV and showed up in purchased after they refunded the v3 upgrade not working again. Apple is blaming it on firecore.

From what I’ve read, the surest way is to purchase the iOS Pro version (don’t IAP an upgrade in the free version) and then it shows up in your purchases on the ATV. I did an IAP with the ATV version thinking it would then let me upgrade to Pro on iOS. Doesn’t work – another poster explained the ATV is version 4, the iOS being 3.xx

Regardless, initiating a refund request was easy enough, and processed instantly. I’ll wait this one out until there’s a for-sure universal app purchase path.

Actually it was an in app purchase from infuse 2 pro to infuse 3 pro, Infuse 4 states that there are in app purchases but I cannot find them in the app.

reply from apple

I understand you have had an issue with Infuse Pro 3 that you purchased in 2014. I can certainly understand wanting something you paid for to work properly. I am happy to explain this issue for you.

Apple does not support third party apps. We can not make changes, or have control over upgrades to those apps, only the developers do. If they offer a new version, they would need to ensure you could download the new version for free if that is what they offer with the purchase of previous versions.

If you continue to have issues with content in this app, please contact the app’s developer directly:

I tried contacting the developer a couple days ago when I got a similar response to my first iTunes-initiated ‘report problem’. I didn’t hear back, so I followed up by getting it refunded, but, that was for a new purchase – not sure if that would work for you…

I am supposed to have Infuse pro V3, but the only version that shows up in my purchased list is the free version. This is the reason I am having an issue, I am trying to find out if it is apples fault or an issue with the firecore app itself. If it would only show up in my purchased list everything would work, but Apple is blaming it on firecore. I myself believe it is an issue withe Itunes.

If you started with the free version of infuse on iOS and then did the in-app upgrade to the Pro version that is what is to be expected. If that is the case then installing the free version for TVOS should result in the in-app upgrade to Pro automatically being applied. At the moment it is not that obvious that the Pro upgrade has been applied other than realising Pro only features like Trakt syncing are present and working. Apparently the 4.0.1 release (due imminently) will make the fact that you have Pro features enabled more obvious by displaying this under Settings.

If you had an in app purchase for Infuse Pro 3, then the Pro feature should be automatically “restored” in Infuse 4.

If you look at the list of fixes expected in 4.0.1 one of them is to make it more obvious when the Pro feature is enabled.

ok that makes sense but it wasn’t from the free version it was from version 2 pro to version 3 pro

In my purchases i see the free version only, too. But when i Play a Movie with DTS, it play correctly and this is a proof for the pro version.

I only show Trakt connect to trakt is that a pro feature ?

Oh dts is proof ok that helps

I have DTS over HDMI, so problem solved a little bit confusing Thanks Everybody !

One question does the same apply in Itunes Iphone app as I only see the free version there, is it also pro even though it shows only free ?

Yes Trakt is a pro Feature too

Nice, I have the same problem from some days but I have access to trakt :wink: then, thanks a lot for informations :slight_smile: