Infuse Pro, Apple devices, SMB, Windows 10, and iCloud Sync

I have Infuse Pro installed on my iPhone and on my two Apple TVs with iCloud Sync turned on, and accessing videos via WiFi from my Windows 10 computer using SMB.

  1. Being that iCloud Sync copies over the SMB details to all devices, including the username and password, does Windows 10 allow multiple SMB logins with the same username and password at the same time?

1A. If not, how can you have a difference SMB username and login on just one device, without iCloud Sync copying it over to all devices?

  1. With iCloud Sync on, how long does it take for a change on one device to update on another?

2A. Is there are way to force a change to update on all devices?

Welcome to the forum!

I don’t think this will be an issue, and we have not had any reports of streaming issues related to using a single user/pass combo to connect from multiple devices.

Definitely let us know if you run into trouble though.