Infuse Pro and DTS?

So I bought Infuse for my Apple TV 4K several weeks ago and have been watching content heavily. Tonight I fired up a movie and it suddenly told me that I needed to “Unlock” DTS but that it was free with Infuse Pro. I have Infuse Pro (Annual subscription, right?). I unlocked and had to use my iPhone to approve the “purchase”. Couldn’t find a record on my App Store of a purchase but I’m totally confused.


There are some details in this thread. Yes it is free and just for accounting purposes. New prompt came with latest infuse version.


re: what’s needed to “Unlock” DTS in Inmfuse

So is there a bypass for this issue, seems to be little feedback
As mentioned previously above, I have a current subscription and I am getting this message and this comes with 7.5.2 !
I don’t know who thought of this but seems rather thoughtless

So whatt do I do if I hit the Únlock for free’ button and I get ‘‘Ín-app purchases are not allowed’’.and what happens after my days remaining are up,am unable to use the product? Do I need to re-insatll for no reason ??
All seems Ok in the APP store entry browsed on another platform.

This is a setting which can be adjusted by following the steps in this guide.

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