Infuse Pro 7 playing the wrong video on ATV 4


I am very new to this forum having just purchased a subscription to Infuse Pro7 for my ATV 4. Basically I have a collection of my DVDs stored on my QNAP NAS as .mkv files and I am using Infuse Pro 7 on my ATV (4th gene) to playback on my LG TV. It all works fine with the exception of a few movies where Infuse seems to be playing back random video with the right audio for a few minutes and then locks up. I have tried deleting the folders from Infuse and reloading them with no change. I am able to playback these same .mkv files via VLC on my ATV without any problems at all - which would seem to indicate that the .mkv files are not corrupted in any way. Can anyone provide me with some guidance on what I could do to fix the problem.

Thanks in advance


Do you know how you’re connecting to your Synology NAS?

We’ve seen one or two other cases like this when using UPnP/DLNA connections.

If possible, can you try creating a new connection using SMB, NFS, FTP, SFTP, or WebDAV?

Hi James

Thanks for your quick reply, it is much appreciated. Connections are via SMB to my QNAP NAS. The strange thing happening is that this situation only affects a few of the files. Is there any way of examining the content of the files to determine whether they do have multiple video streams?



Hi James,

I followed through with some of the threads in the community forum and downloaded Mediiainfo to examine the contents of

  1. The Italian Job (does not work , ie shows some random video as per my earlier email)
  2. Addicted To Love (works fine)
    The “Tree” info for each of these folders is attached. Does this provide any insight into what my issue could be?

Thanks in advance.


(Attachment The Italian Job MediaInfo.html is missing)

(Attachment Addicted To Love MediaInfo.html is missing)

Is it always the same video?

Do you have Infuse set to view by title or by file name? (“Show Filenames” turned off or on?)

Hi, Filenames is off. Yes it is the same few videos that have the problem out of over 200 . I have attached the Mediainfo files for one that works well (Addicted To Love) and the one that show the random video (The Italian Job). Does this help?



Addicted To Love.txt (8.48 KB)

The Italian Job.txt (52.2 KB)

Thanks for that!

It looks like The Italian Job file has multiple video tracks (14 in total).

Infuse doesn’t currently support selecting between multiple video tracks, so the track it selects may or may not be the one you want.

Support for multiple video tracks is something we hope to look at for a future update, and you can follow this thread for updates.