Infuse pro 7 on Apple TV does not show full casts in the cast section

The TV series “Fargo” has a total of four seasons, and each season has different stories and casts. However, the cast section only shows the last season’s casts.

I think the reason of this is because of the Fargo on thetvdb(infuse meta source) only shows the latest season casts by default. Whereas, it is possible to find entire casts when you click “VIEW ALL CAST AND CREW”.

Therefore, is it possible for infuse to display the entire casts of four seasons?

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Just FYI, Infuse uses TMDB for metadata for both TV shows and movies.

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Yes I am aware of that, thetvdb for TV Series and tmdb for Movies

No, Infuse uses TMDB for both.

Ok, I can see more blended cast list on TMDB

Does this mean that one approach to do it is switch the metadata to TMDB manually?

There is currently no options to change the metadata source, it automatically uses TMDB for both since version 7.1 of Infuse.

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I see. But still, I don’t think infuse uses " Full Cast & Crew" over “Series Cast” on Fargo (TV Series 2014- ) — The Movie Database (TMDB)

Maybe it is one of the issues for TMDB as well. Since they use season3 background by default on the show page.

Infuse shows the cast for the episode that is selected, if you change episodes the cast list changes. Infuse doesn’t show the entire cast for the series.

The poster you showed is the “Series” poster that has been voted the favorite on TMDB (not the season 3 poster) the season posters will be different (but also the top voted poster per season) . Here are the season posters.

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Note, you can always place your prefered artwork by following the users guide.

Can I see your screen shot of first season detail page?

I am not around with my Apple TV now, but on my iPhone, it shows the same thing, on my season one detail page with the first episode selected, it shows only season four casts.

Description working properly as I change to different episodes or seasons. So do the season posters.

I also noticed this issue with my shows but no fix so far although @james did make a note. Infuse is getting the last season (season 4 in your case) to get cast but applies to incorrect seasons.

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Thanks, man

The image posted shows the torrent filenames and not episode titles as provided by TMDB. First thing I would check is if the files scraped correctly by unchecking the “show filenames” toggle and make sure it grabbed the right episodes.

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