Infuse pro 7 and beyond (payment)

I see, thank you.

The Pro subscription is separate from app updates. So, it’s possible to use the same subscription on different versions.

In fact, some users with older devices (which don’t support iOS 13 and Infuse 7) are running v6.6.5 on one device, and v7.1.3 on newer devices using the same subscription.

It’s been a while since I’ve followed this conversation. So I will just clarify that I understand correctly. I purchased the lifetime subscription with InFuse 6. I got InFuse 7 Pro as a free upgrade. Because I purchased the Lifetime when I did, all future versions are free upgrades, and it’s only those who didn’t purchase the subscription I did, or purchasing now that have to pay for future upgrades, correct?

That has been my understanding, and just wanted to clarify if this was still the case.


All of the in-app purchase options offered in Infuse 5 and later have included free upgrades for major releases.

In the past, we also offered a standalone paid ‘Infuse Pro’ app which covered updates for that specific version (IE ‘Infuse Pro 6’ covers you until the release of Infuse 7). These apps were available at a lower price point than the ‘Lifetime’ license available in the free Infuse app.

The main reason for this additional offering was to help those who needed family sharing (and didn’t want to use Trakt) as Apple did not natively support Family Sharing of in-app purchases until early 2021.

If you’re not sure what you have, the easiest way to check is to look up your purchase history in iTunes. If it says Monthly, Yearly, or Lifetime you will get free upgrades for all releases.

Thank you James, that’s what I thought, so for me things haven’t changed. For version 5, I bought the stand alone Pro app. For version 6, I did the lifetime subscription. So since I got 7 through 6, I am now on my lifetime purchase.

Thanks again


Hi, I purchased infuse Pro 5. Is there an upgrade path for me to 7? My apologies if this has been answered, but I am confused by some the postings I have read. Thank you.

Yep! :slight_smile:

All the info on upgrading from older versions can be found here.

Thanks! Worked for,me!

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ok, i bought infuse pro 4, then 5, then 6 full price. you explained to me that you are changing the business model. Well. no way to get a discount on the price of the perpetual license displayed at € 79.99 but to pass the pill you “give me” 1 year … if I went from pro version 6 to version 7. ok. now the perpetual license has increased to € 84.99… What you offer with one hand, you take with another. Is that how you expect to encourage me ???
Last year the price was 74,99!!!
What a :gift: !

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Yeah every time I’m about ready to swallow the price and get the unlimited it jumps up. I’m pretty sure they just don’t want people with the unlimited plan anymore so it’s stupidly expensive. Unlimited used to be three years of subscriptions and now it’s 8 1/2. And the line about a discount/sale not being fair is such a crock. At least I have an old pro version that still works mostly.

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Yeah pretty sure you’re right.

Plex yearly is $40 so that’s why lifetime for $120 or when discounted ~$90 makes sense.

But infuse is only $9.99 per year

Plex also does sales at least once a year where lifetime is $75. And honestly plex provides a little bit more for the dollar. It has servers and clients for most OSs including web browsers, transcodes on the fly when needed, let’s you download and share movies and episodes and use them offline as well as everything that infuse does. Infuse is great but for my use it’s a plex player. I’d love to support them again but I despise software subscriptions.

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New price for lifetime licence: 89,99€ !
A new increase !


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I recently purchased a NVIDIA Shield TV Pro because Apple never brought back passthrough, so I wanted the ability to play lossless Atmos on ripped content. I still use Infuse though for non 3D audio content.

I bought the Infuse version for life, just before subscription.

It was clear that infuse from life xx$ paid and the following year they created a new version and surprise! they had to pay back, it turns out that it is for life only by version.

I wouldn’t dare pay that amount because as I did to many.

Careful for the “lifetime” version

I purchased the infuse 6 Pro lifetime, then got 7 free, so from what James said a while back, I’ll be set for all future updates. Have they changed again since ?

Nope, nothing has changed. If your receipt says ‘Lifetime’ then you have lifetime, and will continue to receive all updates automatically. :slight_smile:

Lifetime was first offered in December 2017 as part of v5.6.4. Prior to this, it was not possible to purchase a lifetime license.

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Lifetime has always been lifetime. The guy is feeding you FUD. He’s probably referring to the old non-sub standalone Pro versions you could buy.

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I was cheated. I’m the 4Pro, 5Pro, 6Pro, 6Pro I think it was a gift (But when V6Pro had expired)because I was right and now I have the 7 subscription because I don’t want to be cheated again.

I’ve paid since the Appletv 2 version and I’ve never had a free version I’ve always had to pay for the Pro.

He says it was done from the v5 if so, I was cheated because I have the 5Pro and I keep paying I don’t have the 7Pro!

I don’t use it on the iPhone but it’s easier to do the capture.

Very slow.