Infuse pro 7 and beyond (payment)

The only stand alone pro version I purchased was V5. With v6, I got the lifetime subscription at a discounted upgrade price from 5. I know that was some time again, and from reading here, things appear different. I’m simply saying I did what I did because I paid once, and now all future versions are free upgrades now, and it carries across all devices linked to my Apple ID.

I bought Version 6 Pro and I was aware that meant all the updates for Version 6.

For 7, I did the free year trial which is nice because I’m debating between the yearly or lifetime options and this gives me time to both think about it and also watch the progress of version 7.

I’m very happy with the consolation made to owners of V6 Pro and I kept it on my ATV4K also in the event it falls out of the store at some point. I’ll likely move it to a folder but I imagine soon I will like 7 better.

My experience with 7 so far has been great. I see others have problems but I haven’t had any.


It would have been also great if we were given the option to get the lifetime at a discount in the same way it was offered with version 5 to 6. Especially since it was announced that the standalone was going away, this could have been an alternative.

The free trial is great for those that are fine with subscriptions. But before, you had choice. I was okay with the removal of the standalone as long as there was an alternative that would match the benefits of not being locked into a subscription. The discount on the lifetime I thought was a fair alternative because I do not want a free year and then either be locked into an ongoing subscription or pay a large bulk sum for the lifetime that has increased in price.

If I had know at the time of the original lifetime discount back in the 5/6 days that the standalone would eventually be retired, I would have gotten it then. But there was never any indication that the standalone would be retired.

I know there are quite a few people upset by this that will consider alternatives or not update beyond 6, so I’ll be curious if the development team will offer a solution. I had made the suggestion before the final 7 release but nothing came out of it.

I agree. For now v7 is very much the same
As v6.
I do not use Mac so the update simply does not justify the price tag of 75$
And also subscription based model for a VIDEO player is simply absurd.
I will stick to the v6 pro. If you do not provide v7 pro as stand alone purchase.

Subscriptions work great for people who don’t want to spend a lot upfront. And now that you can share subscriptions with family sharing there are fewer incentives to have a standalone version. Not saying that I disagree with having one but some people might just want to pay one dollar a month

Every software is going to subscription now because software needs support and there are always updates on both the hardware and software sides so support is never ending.

No one will work for free for long.

You can go the free or cheap route with other software but there’s a reason you use infuse and any other options will remind you.


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Well… it is understandable, that softwear maker consider subscription to be normal, he wants more and more money. But for me it looks like this: a person purchased a house and lives happily for some time, but then comes the seller, destroy his house and with charming smile says he must buy the newer and better house. Person was happy, he didn’t ask for anything new, and suddenly he has no money (paid for house) no place where to live and all this is “normal”? I want to pay for the softwear and use it, and ONLY if I want and ask for it get changes and pay for it.

You can continue to use v6 Pro, it won’t be destroyed….

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I’m on 5 and was OK. But now I need to upgrade because of 24.000 compatibility, and nothing but that. I would be happy to buy 6 Pro, but it’s discontinued, OK, I would like to buy 7 Pro and stay happy for years, because I don’t care about all that bells and whistles for teenagers, new icons, vertical pix change for horizontal, color of background etc.etc. But no. I’m forced now to pay for unneeded things every month and year - typical racket on my opinion.


If it’s been destroyed, it’s updated to 7 and I can’t go back to 6Pro

And the worst thing that’s been useless, I can’t see any film on my iPhone doesn’t fluid takes almost a minute to start.

I had to erase it and I paid for a year like every year

They force people to pay for what they give, not what was requested, but just what they produced, doesn’t matter you need it or not. Typical racket… In former days sofwtware production was business. You purchased, what you needed. Then they made something new and you made your choice to pay for it or not. So every new work appeared on the market and customers made their choice, so apps became better and better, because customer just voted for better with the wallet. This is business model. But now it comes to subscription which means one should pay forever for upgrades he did not asked, and he can NOT use what he already payed for - previous version - it’s destroyed. And one has no option for just purchase - just no such option. And apps in at least 50 % of cases become worse, not better. This is racket model, not business.


This is a Video player! On what basis it should be a subscription based model. It doesn’t make any sense. I am sorry.

Also for the stand alone version the developers would receive more income if they produce a new version in every 2 years ….

Also the v7 now does not provide any sufficient new features.


I say - racket!

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But maintenance updates will end.

And the worst: As soon as an app switches to subscriptions only, they can rely on regular revenue regardless how tiny the future improvements will look like.

I can see this with YNAB: After switching to SAAS, the frequency of really new features became so low…

IMHO, the new features Infuse Pro 5 → 6 were not worth an upgrade, but I swallowed the pill and payed for the more expensive one-time purchase to support the developer and the cool ‘freedom of choice’ business model.

And now again, the feature list of v7 is ridiculous (Hello, Trailers?), so I will absolutely not start a new subscription. Like Constantine said, this is a video player! I won’t pay regularly for a video player where I additionally need to acquire the content legally.

Do you guys really believe you will get the desired Trailer feature when the developer can rely on a regular revenue no matter how slow new features come out?

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+1000! No need to make better, they ANYWAY get our money.


If you don’t like the subscription model there are other players out there that you can use. VLC, MRMC, plex, emby and the list goes on and on and on.

I have the smartthings home automation hub from Samsung. For years it was great but recently I don’t like the direction the company is taking with it so despite having invested a fair amount in it I’m dumping it and going with hubitat.

Same problem here. If you don’t like what you’re getting buy something else.

I for one don’t mind the subscription. Its the same as enterprise IT; you’re paying for support and maintenance. I pay yearly however I think I’ll move to the lifetime as it’s ridiculously cheap in the long run and basically pays for itself after a year and a bit.

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Use the version you had last week.

It is a Video Player.

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Well… I did. I bought Zidoo. Actually it started because of Apple’s many years ignoring the 24.000 issue. And I found it (Zidoo) good, but having some other issues :-). But now, when Apple finally fixed this, I would like to get back to ATV, but found another uncomfortable news with Infuse. I’m afraid they will force me to get a subscription, most likely lifetime, but I don’t like it. IMHO it is not fair - subscription for a tool. Subscription for content - I agree, is logical, but for a tool (and Infuse is typical tool) one should have a choice to get unneeded updates or to stay on what he has. But unfortunately this is way how the world develops - people start having less and less things, which they really own. But here we come to totally different subject :-).

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There are no intentions to bring back the standalone or provide a discount to the lifetime so you’re forced into a subscription, an expensive lifetime option or select a completely different software alternative.

I hate subscription models for apps and if you are taking away my only option to avoid them, then provide me an similar replacement option that meets this similar need (a free year does nothing for me in the long run but delay the fact I still have the same two options in a year)

I think the free year is actually more of a detriment because ultimately it will give people time to figure out an alternative rather than to continue supporting the product after the trial has ended. At least with a standalone or a discounted lifetime it would have provided up front money to the developer that is probably several years worth.

I also believe that if you can give a free year, you can try and figure out a solution for the lifetime. It also acts a thank you to the loyal supporters of the app that have spent considerable amounts of money. Also the cost of the lifetime has gone up considerably over the years (I think it may have doubled since originally introduced) It is the most expensive lifetime license I have ever seen for an iOS app.

Either way, if it was only me that was disappointed then it wouldn’t matter much but a lot of people (judging by the views and replies in this thread) are really upset.

I kind have given up at this point and will just start reviewing other alternatives.


The main reason I invested in InFuse was because at the time, Plex had issues with playing DVD, and Blu-ray rips via the Roku Plex client. Fast forward a few years to now, and most of the Plex issues have been, or are being resolved. With this said, I have two setups and for one InFuse works well because of direct access to HDMI connected 5.1 speakers, while on the other one, I have to use optical for audio, so forces the Apple TV to have to be set to Dolby 5.1 to transcode everything since it can’t pass multi channel PCM on that setup. That’s where Plex through Roku works best because the standard Dolby and DTS codecs pass through nicely. My point here is: I use multiple solutions because one doesn’t fit all. Also, since all the content I stream is LEGALY OWNED, if I don’t want to deal with Plex, or InFuse, I just watch the content from disc.

Either way, InFuse 7 seems to be working normally here, though I haven’t used it much since upgrading yet. FYI: I invested in Plex Pass before investing in InFuse because Plex is cross platform so long term makes it of more value, then a solution for a single Eccosystem.