Infuse pro 7 and beyond (payment)

On my iPhone 12 Pro Max, I just upgraded to 7, and in it, that Button also has a “View Subscription >” link on it…is that what I should also see in the Mac version of the app?

Can you select ‘About Infuse’ from the Infuse menu to double-check you have the latest 7.0.3582 build?

The App Store version should look like this.

This is nuts. I actually did find an Infuse folder with the newest build in it, but I never put it in a folder…and I saw the App Store download the app into the root of my Applications folder. But I think I know what happened…my error. But it is working like you said now, so thanks for baring with me.

And congrats for rolling out 7 with Mac support, Universal app and all. Infuse remains one of my favorite apps of all time, so thanks for still putting your best into this gem and bringing it to Apple Silicon!

Over and out from Berlin,


Great! Glad you got it sorted out. :smiley:

I guess the App Store doesn’t want to overwrite non-App Store apps…just to be safe.

You may be right. Good catch!

The pricing and upgrade models for FireCore are a mess! I have had FireCore Pro on my iPhone, iPad and ATV since v5.0. Every time there is an update it’s a mess and I become an unwilling “beta” tester while revisions are made and never versions bugs are worked out and pushed via App Store.

So, after enduring 6 months of audio sync issues with Infuse 6 Pro which are finally resolved Infuse 7 is released and I can’t even figure out what my upgrade path is. I have a stand alone app and I prefer a stand alone app, I’m so tired of every developer and software company jumping on the reoccurring revenue stream subscription BS.

So, was just on Apple App Store and there is NOT Infuse 7 Pro download option. So, WTF is my upgrade path?

The lifetime subscription will get you ALL future updates including major versions and you only pay once like the stand alone app.

I want version 6, too!

V7 is going to be a bad day on the 5th expiry and today I paid to see the improvements and it’s horrible how bad they work.

Now I’m out of my iPhone Infuse because I don’t have version 6 anymore!

I need the V6 that I already paid and I paid for V7 again

If you paid for infuse pro 6, as opposed to the free version with an upgrade, then you can still download that through your purchase history. If you did not buy the standalone then you were automatically upgraded to version 7.

I believe you can even have both the pro and the free download it at the same time, but don’t expect them to sync

Hey James,
quick question: I noticed that when downloading Infuse 7 from the Mac App Store, Infuse isn’t associated with my Apple ID, and does NOT appear in my purchases as on TVOS, or iOS. Is this normal, or is this a bug? For example. I downloaded it first on the iMac, then went on the MBP and had to click get on the MBP as it wasn’t recognized as being purchased already. Just thought I would point this out in case it was a bug. I’ve never seen this before.

@james So is lifetime upgrade to 7 pro from6 pro $59.99 or $74.99? Your link shows $59.99 on the App it shows $74.99?

Also, nowhere is there an option for a feee year. So again.WTF?

Free year is only if you do yearly subscription, not lifetime

Ok, fine. Please care to now explain $59.99 vs $74.99.


Looks like it is $75 in the US. Most likely the link hasn’t been updated.

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It must have gone up. When I did my lifetime for Pro for version 6, I paid about $45. I did get a slight discount though. I think $74 might be the full price and the $50 is the upgrade price from a prior version.

Thanks for the info, I am totally not aware of this: Family Sharing now allows to share In-App Purchase/Subscription. In the past I purchased the standalone version of v4/v5/v6 because I am not interested in using Trakt.

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I am disappointed with the pro 6 upgrade plan. If there is no suitable plan or sufficiently significant features, I will not upgrade.


Very disappointed with the new subscription structure. I don’t think it was fair to assume that people who had supported the standalone versions are now forced into a subscription model. The reward for people that paid larger amounts of money for past standalones, is a single free year worth $10. After that, I’m locked into an ongoing subscription or pay for an expensive lifetime license after I had spent quite a bit already on standalone copies.

The reason of discontinuing the standalone as “too confusing” doesn’t make sense as it is obvious in the community that has posted here, that it wasn’t an issue for the majority.

One of the many reasons we loved the app was CHOICE in how we paid for it. With the constant push to a subscription model from every developer, I was hoping that Firecore would stand out with more flexible options as they had in the past.

I had sent a message to @James requesting that at least he consider an option to discount the lifetime license (as this is the closest to owning a standalone copy) for anyone that has purchased a previous standalone version. In the past there was always a discount provided when upgrading the standalone version to the next major build. As this is no longer an option, at least discounting the lifetime license instead of the free year would have been a way for the developers to show their appreciation to the fanbase that has supported the application over the years. Heck even give us the option to take $10 off the lifetime instead of the free year as a one time option.

What is even stranger, is that if you list the In-App Purchase under the information section of the app, you will see an option called "Infuse Pro - Lifetime (promo) but it is the exact same as the regular price of the lifetime option. So there could have been potential here. A discount could easily be applied if a previous version was found

So I’m hoping that @James will consider this and come up with something. I’m a huge fan of the app as are many, and would appreciate any thoughts or feedback.


I will use Infuse Pro 6 as long as it works and look for another solution then.

I absolutely dislike subscriptions and I am even willing to pay more than 10 bucks a year for major upgrades. I did even purchase full licenses for 1Password instead of supporting their subscription / cloud model.

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I understand that the developers wanted to simplify, but removing the standalone entirely without a similar alternative just upsets and punishes those that have invested in the standalone editions for not wanting to be locked forever in a subscription model. Some people just want to purchase and own the software outright.

I’m sure many would be willing to spend the extra money up front for a lifetime license (as this is the only option outside to an ongoing subscription) but at least provide a discount that can be applied, since the last few standalone versions always provided a discount to newer versions if you had a previously purchased one. Since you are taking away the only option we had prior, I don’t think it is too much to ask. I would rather have the full amount of the free year applied as a discount to the lifetime if given the option.