Infuse pro 7 and beyond (payment)

This is not true!

I bought the V5 and I had to buy the V6 and now I have a year’s subscription that ends this month of V7.

If you bought the V7 without a subscription, can I have the V8?

I don’t believe it.

I’d rather pay a single payment like with all my applications, whatever it takes and forget.

This is always updated to the last one without having to pay again.

Turns out I was using the full V6Pro without a subscription and I didn’t see any difference with the V7 reproduces everything anyway.

I should update my version v4 v5 V6 to the new v7 without paying for the “Pro” version I thought that being Pro was superior to normal.

Explain it better!

I have V6Pro.
I have v7 subscription just about to finish.

If I buy the V7 version will be updated to V8? no subscription.

Thank you.

He’s not sorry.

Don’t say it.

It’s frustrating that when they weren’t anyone we bought their full apps more expensive so they’d put us aside for those who paid less for a subscription.

I pay for the applications that are mine and they will be updated.

All my Apps and I’m a lot of them I buy them all. I have some from the iPhone 3GS and they’re still updating even those from the gps I buy.

The same is true of the App for males who don’t exist for Catalina, which is the version that most people use in front of the bad thing about Big South.

Even those with bigsur can’t use it because it’s not an incredible M1 compatible.

I myself signed up for the Infuse mac beta program to help but there’s no version for Catalina

They don’t think about the end-user.

That’s what I think.

And one last thing.

I keep advising a lot of people Infuse as the best thing for the App TV and Nas to watch the movies.

Because it’s true, but they end up answering me in the groups and forums that I am the problems I have reported subscription, it’s not worth Catalina, it doesn’t show the added recently etc.

Automatic updates are available for anyone who chooses the in-app options (subscription or lifetime).

The standalone version-specific paid apps (Infuse Pro 5, Infuse Pro 6) include updates for that major release only. This is the option we’re discontinuing with the release of Infuse 7, so anyone who purchases v7 will receive free automatic updates. Also, anyone who has already purchased one of the in-app options in v5 or v6 will receive a free update to v7. As you can see this distinction is confusing, and is one of the main reasons we are getting rid of it.

The time between major releases has been around 2 years (or maybe just a bit over) for the past 2 updates. So, value-wise, going with an in-app subscription would have been about the same cost as purchasing the standalone Pro apps on launch day. However, say you purchase 6 mos or a year after launch…then the subscription is an increasingly better value.

Anyways, our main goal with Infuse is to design a great video player app that is constantly being improved. We don’t display ads, and we don’t use trackers or spyware to collect and sell your personal data. Our model is to simply provide a great app at a fair and reasonable price. The in-app options are the best way we’ve found to do this so far.

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Going with a purely in-app subscription model also prevents piracy of pro through sideloading.

Dang. Here I’ve been debating on buying for a 3rd time without any sort of discount and now I see a price increase has happened as well.

For me Pro5 was $17.99 and Pro6 was $30. So I downgrade from Pro to regular 6 and subscribe and pay $105 to get 7 when it comes? Man. I’ll have to think about this again. I was fine paying $20-30 every major update. But this hurts.


You could always do the annual subscription and that’s stayed about the same price. Just don’t wait too long since the current price isn’t written in stone.

That’s still around $10 US I believe and will get you all upgrades including 7, 8, etc as long as you keep the subscription current and active.

I went with the lifetime just so I didn’t have to remember to renew every year and that way I’m good for ALL future updates. Just my preference though, different options will fit different needs. :wink:

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Yeah. I have been thinking about that as well. It’s just that I have a bit of subscription fatigue right now. I would rather just pay and be done and not think about it again.

Perhaps I’m just being daft with the idea of not only no upgrade/loyalty pricing and actually a huge price increase. But C’est la vie.

Maybe I’ll do a year like you suggest while I search for a replacement.


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Was just looking back and if you did an annual sub you’d be in the same price range or better considering the release dates of the last few major updates.

An annual seems to be about the best choice since you can lock in the rate when you start a subscription so you’re costs won’t go up even the the rates increase in the future as long as you don’t let it lapse.

I still do not understand why I have to pay Subscription for a Video Player?? This makes no sense to me.
The minute I stop the subscription I can no longer use the app…
I do prefer to pay one time for a pro and actually own the app for as long as I use it.

Now I have to pay 79Euro in my case in EU. This is more then 1/3 of the price of the apple tv itself.
I do not use Family sharing so this is no good to me.

I do love the app and use since the v4 but if the developer do not offer the app as a single payment I do not plan to update as of now.

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It’s understandable some people prefer paid apps, but these are becoming less and less common on the App Store in general. Additionally, for the reasons mentioned above, having 2 app offerings has introduced a lot of confusion over the years (much of which is not posted on the forum).

As @NC_Bullseye mentioned, the yearly subscription is roughly the same cost as the standalone Pro app (assuming you purchase the Pro app on launch day). For others who may have purchased it a few months or a year after launch the yearly sub is a much more cost effective option.

If you have the standalone paid app now, you can get a full year of Infuse Pro when starting a yearly subscription. This will include all future updates.

Tried to study the question and still have a confusion. I have Infuse Pro 5, purchased (not subscription) some time ago. Now I would like to have a lifetime subscription. Is there any way to do that?

Delete infuse pro 5 standalone. Download regular infuse. Do your subscription from in there

So, I have been on the iOS Infuse PRO yearly subscription since day one (currently on v6), and on the v7 Mac beta since early on, but when Infuse 7 became available, I would have expected an “Upgrade” button in the App Store. I pushed the “Get” button instead, and it replaced my 7 beta.

So, how do I “upgrade” my v6 Pro subscription to the new v7 without starting new?

So I think I was doing something a bit odd. I have two NASs that are identical. If one is down for maintenance it can take a while (whole day).

For this reason, I was actually utilising both apps, the standard with lifetime subscription and the pro app. Both would point to one particular NAS, when one was down I could just switch apps and through trakt have the exact same library ready to go. Obviously abusing this to have two installations of the app was hardly ever intentional, but I did like it :upside_down_face:

Now with the removal of ‘pro’ apps - is there any other way of doing this? I could switch the library’s on and off but wouldn’t that refresh the entire metadata again? I can’t leave both added as then I have duplicates of everything.

I guess when infuse 6 stops working, I’ll have to find another app to use for the down times…

I just went to the app store and under purchased I selected Infuse 6 and it shows an “Update” button to go to 7.

You can receive a free year of Infuse Pro when starting a new subscription in Infuse 7, this won’t apply to the lifetime license though.

More info on the promo can be found here.

You could look at setting up 2 different shares in Infuse, and excluding one from the library. This would allow you to have the main one in the Library, and browse others via folders.

This may just be an App Store cache issue since this is the first version of Infuse available on the Mac App Store.

If you navigate to the Preferences menu in Infuse for Mac and click on the Pro icon, it should reflect your actual subscription.

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Ok, I do see the INFUSE PRO button/icon, but clicking on it does nothing. I’m on an M1 MBAir.

Thanks, would that still get tracked at all, either by infuse itself or via trakt? Not sure if trakt only works off main library? Guess I’ll give it a go :sweat_smile:

Do you by chance have more than 1 copy of Infuse installed?

The app in Applications, and also an Infuse folder?

You can also try force-closing the app (option + right-click the Infuse icon in the sidebar).

It should work both ways.

Infuse can use both iCloud and Trakt to keep watched statuses in sync for multiple copies of the same title.

When I first clicked the “Get” button in the App Store, I only had one copy of the Infuse app, but when I saw that it was installing another copy of the app by the same name…in the App Store it shows as “Infuse 7”, but it installs it as just “Infuse”, so I got worried that it will overwrite the beta app (not sure why that worried me, but I thought it shouldn’t overwrite it) and quickly compressed the Infuse beta app to, which currently lives in parallel to the new Infuse app. But being a zip file, the system doesn’t see it as a second copy, of course.

So, no, I only have one copy of it in my Applications folder. Activity Monitor also show only one copy running. I force-quit it, restarted it, but clicking on the INFUSE PRO icon still does nothing. But you’re saying that clicking it should show my subscription and subscription options, right?