Infuse pro 7 and beyond (payment)

Appreciate the feedback here.

I’ve tried to outline the reasons for no standalone Pro app this time around, but to hit the main point again - having multiple apps available for purchase is simply way too confusing for a new user who is starting to use Infuse for the first time…and even some users who have used it before. What’s the difference? Do I need both? Standalone is lifetime, right?

It’s understandable some people prefer these standalone apps and know exactly what they are getting. However, with every major release we get a fair amount of email from those who bought a standalone version and wonder why they can’t download the new version. This isn’t a great experience, and leaves people with a bad impression of Infuse.

Also, now that Apple supports native Family Sharing for in-app purchase and subscriptions there is even less of a reason to keep the standalone app around.

Lastly, if you are concerned about updates slowing down in the future, you can browse through the list of past updates. You may note ~80% of the page reflects updates for Infuse 5.0 and later, which were all released after we introduced subscriptions for Infuse 5 in 2016. We’re committed to doing the same moving forward. There is no cruise control here. :slight_smile:

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I didn’t even realize the cost went up on the lifetime just before 7 was released. But after doing some checking the lifetime went up by $5 USD recently


  • Take away the standalone (fine, I read the reasons) but there is still no comparable affordable alternative and be forced into a subscription model
  • Don’t offer a discount (outside of a free trial which I think most don’t want worth $10) after always having a higher discount in the past for upgrading to the next major standalone build
  • Raise the price on the lifetime just before 7 was released without any heads up that this will be happening and giving people an opportunity to purchase it at the lower rate, further pushing you onto an ongoing subscription model due to the higher cost of the lifetime when 7 finally released.

But not all users use the Mac app nor the family sharing so you cannot use those as a main reason for the price change….
Also you want that amount of money and you just provide promises for new features in future…

I will stick to v6pro then will look up for a alternative.


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@James just wanted to be clear that there are no intentions to discount the lifetime license (whether for previous standalone pro users or new users) in the foreseeable future?

Quite a few iOS app have specials on their lifetime license either through a Black Friday sale, promotions, etc.

I’m aware of the argument that discounting licenses upsets those that previously purchased it at the original full price, but I never understood why it matters as other developers have done it. What is the difference between this and say purchasing an item in a retail store? If someone purchases a retail product at full price and then it goes on sale at a later date, you don’t see that person rebelling against the store or manufacturer that has the sale. Everyone is aware that anything can go on sale and it is acceptable. In the end, the option to pay full price is a choice that no one is forced into. But denying any discount comes off as greed especially with the few new features that were introduced in 7.

The price of the lifetime has steadily gone up and it is the most expensive license to purchase for an iOS app that I have seen so far. Since you haven’t had a discount on the lifetime since it was introduced, and removed any other way we would have gotten discounts with standalone upgrades, it would be appreciated if you considered a promotion from time to time. With the changes that came with 7 pro, this would have been the right time to do one.


I understand the desire for a promo on the lifetime license. As I mentioned in my PM, adding a promo at this point would hurt those who have already purchased the lifetime license, as well as those who have already chosen one of the monthly/yearly subscription options. If only I would have waited until 7.0… This is not something we want to do. The lifetime license was in fact previously discounted for upgrading users (from late 2017 to late 2019), but in all honesty will probably never see a discount again.

Our development model revolves around constant improvement, and we believe the subscription model for app updates Apple introduced in 2016 fits well with this. For example, in 2019 we shipped 27 updates across 2 platforms, and then 29 updates in 2020. I’ve not found any small indie company who releases substantial updates with the same frequency as Infuse.

With regard to specific new features in v7, Infuse releases are a little bit different than other apps. Instead of holding back features in anticipation of a big release, we work to add features at regular intervals and release them whenever they are ready. For example, if you look through the release notes page you may not be blown away by the changes from say 5.9.6 to 6.0, but comparing 5.9.6 to 6.6.5 is a completely different story. The same is true this time around. 7.0 adds new designs on iOS and Apple TV, as well as an all-new macOS app. Additional features are already in progress, and will be released as 7.1, 7.2, etc…

Please don’t take this as argumentative or combative, I am simply outlining the reality of what makes it possible for Infuse to continue to exist and thrive in the current App Store environment. We don’t display ads. We don’t track you or sell your data. We simply try to make a great video player app, and hope that people enjoy using it. :slight_smile:


@james thanks for taking the time to reply and explain the situation.

I was just hoping that you would continue honouring the lifetime discount for legacy standalone users.

I understand you need to change the app model to better support the progression of the application. No issues here.

I also understand you do not want to disappoint others who have subscriptions or made the purchase at full price. That totally makes sense, but what about the customers who have invested in the standalone route and supported the app? It feels like consideration was left out here. The one year trial is a nice gesture but goes against why users bought the standalone version in the first place.

I think the problem might have been in the initial approach. Unless I’m missing something, the lifetime discount was removed before the announcement was made about the permanent removal of the standalone edition with the upcoming 7 release. I think the promotion should have been extended until the final release of 7

Had there been an announcement, “Hey as of version 7, we are removing the standalone and changing our model, but get the lifetime at a discounted rate as a replacement before the final 7 build as a thank you for supporting us through these new changes.” This could have made a difference.

I figured that the above could justify an exception. I wasn’t expecting a discount equal to the previous promotion. But anything (even applying the $10 value of one year trial to lifetime instead) would have been fantastic.

James mentioned the promo ended in 2019

I understand it was phased out in 2019, but don’t know if the decision to phase out the standalone was decided around that time before the next major build release. I don’t know how long this has been in the pipeline.

I have been using Infuse Pro (6) on my Apple TV for some years now.
I would like to upgrade to the new version, but will definitely not enter into a subscription-based tier!
Why? I can understand Netflix, HBO, and other services function on a subscription-based model, as they’re constantly producing new stuff.
But… why would I pay a subscription for a simple video player?
Is there any way of making a one-time payment for the latest Infuse Pro? Am I forced into one of those subscriptions? Or do I have to look into VLC or somewhere else?

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Welcome Andretoscano,

I believe there’s a lifetime option which would be one time payment if you don’t believe in reincarnation.

Pay lifetime rate … done. Problem solved.


yes, you got lifetime subscription for €79,99 (!!!)… :frowning:


Yes, the lifetime is currently 8 years worth of subscription fees (first year is free)

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Just to clarify a bit, this is as long as you haven’t already used a free trial to Infuse before. If a user has tried the subscription and received a free month or year before they can’t do another free trial.

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You don’t pay for that one.

When another one comes out, it’s no good.

You pay for a version if it’s 7 while it’s 7 is yours when it goes to 8, you’ll still be on 7.

I’ll be on 4 and 5.

If you purchase lifetime subscription it will cover all new versions 8,9,10…Because of the removal of standalone versions (like 6 Pro) there will be no one stuck on v7 when 8 comes out.

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8 years…. Who knows if Apple will still exist in 8 years.

It‘s a kind of bet.

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Well, that’s it now!

Because that wasn’t so.

You paid for only one.

The first time they started with subscriptions I think it was from 5 I bought the 4 for life and then it wasn’t true.

I wouldn’t trust me.