Infuse pro 7 and beyond (payment)

Appreciate the feedback here.

I’ve tried to outline the reasons for no standalone Pro app this time around, but to hit the main point again - having multiple apps available for purchase is simply way too confusing for a new user who is starting to use Infuse for the first time…and even some users who have used it before. What’s the difference? Do I need both? Standalone is lifetime, right?

It’s understandable some people prefer these standalone apps and know exactly what they are getting. However, with every major release we get a fair amount of email from those who bought a standalone version and wonder why they can’t download the new version. This isn’t a great experience, and leaves people with a bad impression of Infuse.

Also, now that Apple supports native Family Sharing for in-app purchase and subscriptions there is even less of a reason to keep the standalone app around.

Lastly, if you are concerned about updates slowing down in the future, you can browse through the list of past updates. You may note ~80% of the page reflects updates for Infuse 5.0 and later, which were all released after we introduced subscriptions for Infuse 5 in 2016. We’re committed to doing the same moving forward. There is no cruise control here. :slight_smile: