Infuse pro 7 and beyond (payment)

The main reason we had a standalone Pro app for past versions is Apple did not support family sharing of in-app purchase or subscriptions. This has led to a fair amount of confusion around whether people need one or both apps, or people confused why they can’t download the Pro app if they have a subscription.

Now that Apple supports native family sharing for in-app purchases and subscriptions, we’re doing away with all this confusion and just having a single Infuse app on the store. This app is currently named ‘Infuse 6’ and will be updated to ‘Infuse 7’ once v7 is released this Spring.

The current in-app options for upgrading to Pro will remain.

  • Monthly subscription
  • Yearly subscription
  • Lifetime (one-time payment)

All options will include free automatic updates for all future versions.

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