Infuse pro 7 and beyond (payment)


Disappointed to see that “subscription” purchase will likely be the only method to buy the Pro version of infuse going forward. I have traditionally purchased the stand alone versions.

Is it possible to just have a version of infuse pro on the App Store that just costs $50 outright than have to pay for a “forever” subscription? As you are aware, iOS users tend to be willing to pay but I believe many share my sentiment that they are tired of all sorts of apps having perpetual fees. I’m willing to pay “real” prices for apps but prefer to stay away from subscriptions of any sort.

Is this something you would consider?


The main reason we had a standalone Pro app for past versions is Apple did not support family sharing of in-app purchase or subscriptions. This has led to a fair amount of confusion around whether people need one or both apps, or people confused why they can’t download the Pro app if they have a subscription.

Now that Apple supports native family sharing for in-app purchases and subscriptions, we’re doing away with all this confusion and just having a single Infuse app on the store. This app is currently named ‘Infuse 6’ and will be updated to ‘Infuse 7’ once v7 is released this Spring.

The current in-app options for upgrading to Pro will remain.

  • Monthly subscription
  • Yearly subscription
  • Lifetime (one-time payment)

All options will include free automatic updates for all future versions.

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Thanks for the reply. So if I’m reading that correctly, the lifetime payment option will be a plain $50, work across the family accounts, and not need recurring payments?

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Yes, the in-app options (including lifetime) will work across all devices (iOS, Apple TV, Mac) and can be used with Family Sharing.

The actual cost for lifetime will vary by country, but it is a one-time purchase with no recurring costs.


I’ve paid 25€ for infuse 6 perpetual pro upgrade in 2019 from version 5, 13,99€ for infuse 5 pro perpetual in 2017 (and 9,99€ for infuse pro in 2016 as version 4)

What will be the best price for me and how to have perpetual licence of infuse 7?

The same price as someone new?

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We have an upgrade promo for existing users here.

I already have infuse 6 pro. I don’t understand.
What should I do ? Delete my app. Download old version without tag pro?

The only purpose is 74,99€ for a lifetime licence from the last app (without tag pro). I’ve downloaded all my old purchases from my appleID account. (Four apps called « infuse »). So my price for a lifetime licence is the same price as I was a new customer ???

Right now there’s no real benefit to changing anything.

However, once Infuse 7 becomes available you can use the promo linked above to get a free year.

There are no promos for the lifetime license, unfortunately.

So James, just so I’m clear (A bit confused and want to understand) as someone who bought Infuse Pro 5 and Pro 6. My only options will to go to one of the subscription if I want 7? And there will be no discounts or promotions for previous purchasers? Besides a free year of the subscription? Not that I don’t want to support Infuse. Just that I have a bit of subscription fatigue right now and don’t want to have yet another subscription. Guess it was my mistake not buying lifetime instead of buying pro 6 in the first place (If that was an option at the time).

The free year would be available to anyone upgrading from v4 or v5 (this is also available for ‘Infuse Pro 6’ users who would like to upgrade to v7 and beyond).

We did have a promo for the lifetime license for a little while when it was first introduced in 2017, but this was discontinued in favor of the current free year promo which has proven to be a more appealing option for most people.

Overall, we have some great things planned for 7.0 and future versions, and want to make it as easy as possible for more people to always have the latest and greatest version. Consolidating things into a single app seems to be the best way to accomplish this.

Sorry James, now I’m confused. I own Infuse 6 with in-app $69.99 Pro - Lifetime paid license.
What is the path for me to get to 7 Pro lifetime?

Your path would be simple.

  1. Download the Infuse 7 update for $0.00
  2. Enjoy! :smiley:

Sounds easy! :slight_smile: What’s the deal with one free year only then? Whom does that apply to?

The promo is for those who are still on v4 or v5.

It also applies to someone who may have bought the standalone ‘Infuse Pro 6’ paid app and would like to upgrade to v7 once it’s released.

Anyone who obtained Pro using the in-app options (subscription or lifetime) will get v7 automatically. You’ll just wake up one day and it will be waiting as an update in the App Store.

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Is there any possibility of a short discount window for people with 4/5 pro who want to get a lifetime license? I delayed getting it back in 2017 and the price as gone up a lot since then… Things are tight with the pandemic but I still want to support new development.

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We had a promo on the lifetime license awhile back when it was first introduced, and this ran until last January when we introduced the free year upgrade option.

The App Store fees for one-time purchases are double what they are on subscriptions, so unfortunately it’s hard to make a case for running promos on the lifetime license in the future. Sorry.

I’m little disappointed to be fair.
I bought v6 v5 v4 as stand alone apps. One time payments.
Now i do not use family sharing and i do not what to use the subscription model.
One time payment of 70$ Is quite much…

If select the yearly payment option once I stop paying I won’t own/able to use the app.
I much prefer to keep the apps that i pay for…

Sorry this is just my opinion.
Thank you


I think $70 is for the lifetime license, at least for the Infuse 6 Pro in-app purchase. But there’s a separate Infuse 6 Pro app, which has a one-time fee of $30.

Just don’t forget, this version will not be updated beyond version 6 once version 7 is released and version 7 isn’t far off.