Infuse Pro 7.1 (3799) White splash screen with Dark Appearance

Just updated to 7.1 on my iPad mini running iPad OS 14.7.1

I like the dark appearance of the app, but now, whenever I launch Infuse, I see this blindingly bright white screen with the orange Infuse logo in the center before it switches to the dark appearance.

Is this a bug or by design?

The splash screen color should match the Dark/Light mode settings in iOS > Settings > Display & Brightness.

Are you using Light Mode on your device, with Infuse set to Dark Mode?

Yes, I am using light mode in iPad OS settings … mainly because, well, I dislike dark mode for everything else. Typically when I am using my iPad for infuse, it is at night … and I use the iPad during the day for everything else. I realize not everyone uses their devices the same, and I understand the splash screen respecting system settings.

I’m not complaining about this really, if I have to go back to using light appearance in Infuse’s prefs I guess I will. I was just hoping that, much like the icon appearance, the splash screen could also have it’s own setting, or perhaps mirror the icon’s settings for simplicity ?

Not a programmer, know nothing about all that … again, not complaining … just a thought is all.

That makes sense. I guess this isn’t a use case which came up during testing.

We’ll take a look and see if this is something that can be adjusted.

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Just my vote but following what Infuse is set to (Light or Dark) seems to make sense to me too. :wink:

This has been slightly improved in the 7.1.1 update.

If your device is set to light and Infuse to dark, this is what you would see.

Light logo → Light animation → Hard transition → Dark app

Light logo → Soft transition → Dark animation → Dark app

Have to admit, not a fan of the screaming white, fading to dark. But, I also have to admit it is better than before, if a dark logo can not be added based on the light/dark appearance of the app.

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