Infuse Pro 7.1 (3799) White splash screen with Dark Appearance

Just updated to 7.1 on my iPad mini running iPad OS 14.7.1

I like the dark appearance of the app, but now, whenever I launch Infuse, I see this blindingly bright white screen with the orange Infuse logo in the center before it switches to the dark appearance.

Is this a bug or by design?

The splash screen color should match the Dark/Light mode settings in iOS > Settings > Display & Brightness.

Are you using Light Mode on your device, with Infuse set to Dark Mode?

Yes, I am using light mode in iPad OS settings … mainly because, well, I dislike dark mode for everything else. Typically when I am using my iPad for infuse, it is at night … and I use the iPad during the day for everything else. I realize not everyone uses their devices the same, and I understand the splash screen respecting system settings.

I’m not complaining about this really, if I have to go back to using light appearance in Infuse’s prefs I guess I will. I was just hoping that, much like the icon appearance, the splash screen could also have it’s own setting, or perhaps mirror the icon’s settings for simplicity ?

Not a programmer, know nothing about all that … again, not complaining … just a thought is all.

That makes sense. I guess this isn’t a use case which came up during testing.

We’ll take a look and see if this is something that can be adjusted.

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Just my vote but following what Infuse is set to (Light or Dark) seems to make sense to me too. :wink:

This has been slightly improved in the 7.1.1 update.

If your device is set to light and Infuse to dark, this is what you would see.

Light logo β†’ Light animation β†’ Hard transition β†’ Dark app

Light logo β†’ Soft transition β†’ Dark animation β†’ Dark app

Have to admit, not a fan of the screaming white, fading to dark. But, I also have to admit it is better than before, if a dark logo can not be added based on the light/dark appearance of the app.

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