Infuse Pro 6 on different OS sees different files on the share


Does Infuse support the same formats/bitrates on different variations of the iOS? I have a folder on the SMB share with various home videos shot over the course of the last few years by my daughter. Some files are MP4, some QT MOV, but basically, all of them are H264 with resolutions HD or less. Infuse 6.0.6 (2579) on tvOS sees and plays all of them, except for the biggest one (10GB):

Track	Type	Info
1	audio	AAC from .mov, 5512.064 secs, 122 kbps, 48000 Hz
2	video	H264 High@4, 5512.006 secs, 15541 kbps, 1920x1080 @ 29.970033 fps
3	tmcd
4	text

(as reported by mp4info)
This file is not even listed in the folder by the Infuse on the tvOS. On my iPhone though this file is visible in the list and (barely) playable (because of the size on WiFi). At the same time, iOS Infuse sees 3 of the movies, but refuses to play them (they are not clickable in the UI) which are perfectly playable on the tvOS. One such file:

Track	Type	Info
1	video	H264 Main@3.1, 54.120 secs, 7941 kbps, 960x540 @ 29.970436 fps
2	audio	sowt, 54.120 secs, 1411 kbps, 44100 Hz

Is there a reasonable explanation to this?