Infuse Pro 6 - .MKV Playback Error - Workaround

Hi Guys, hope all is well.

Just a little issue i’d like to bring up and workaround for others that have run into this.

So running ATV 4K i am sharing my USB drive through router (SMB) to use playback on Infuse 6 PRO.

A lot of my 1080P DD 5.1 .MKV files will appear and show cover art, although when clicked on to play i get the message “An error occurred loading this content.”

After a lot of frustration and playing around with my set up and files, this managed to fix it:
Mkvtoolnix - Add file - Input - Untick tags for track ID - Start Mux - FIXED :slight_smile:

Justing wanting to see if this is a known bug and if it’s going to be a possible fix? it’s quite annoying loading it onto infuse to find the issue and then having to edit my file. As not all .MKV files do it.

Cheers guys, hopefully this can help some people out until the issue is sorted. :grinning: :+1:

If you have a chance to upload one of the original files which has playback issues, we’d love to look into this.

No worries :+1: will do.


Hi James,
A snip of one of the files has been uploaded :slight_smile: . Let me know your findings.

Thank you,

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Ok nope, didn’t fix it. Video played for a while and then stopped halfway in and now won’t load content again :frowning: I dunno what’s up with these files…

Any news @james?

It’s on our radar, but no news yet.

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Still having this issue with some new .MKV files. Is this just me with this issue or are others reporting this also?

any fix @james i’m still having this issue?

Fixed the issue. Bought a Synology :grinning:

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