Infuse Pro 6 Lifetime subscription not showing up

Have infuse pro 5 (non subscription)
Downloaded 6 pro and decided to do a yearly subscription. Purchased it. went back into the app. App accepted subscription.
Then I noticed that you have a special price for lifetime subscription (since I have infuse pro 5) So I canceled my infuse pro 6 yearly subscription, went back into the app and purchased the lifetime subscription. Looks good but then I get an alert from iOS that I have 2 subscriptions and a link to the subscription settings.
Now All I see is the my free one month expires in April and the yearly subscription (with no check) and nothing about Lifetime.

Since the lifetime option is technically not a subscription, it won’t appear in the Subscriptions section. However, you should receive an invoice from Apple confirming your lifetime license.

Once you have a lifetime license, you can cancel any monthly/yearly subscriptions or trials as they are no longer needed (Infuse should actually prompt you to do this when purchasing the lifetime license with an active subscription).

Ok, have yet to get anything from apple. Lifetime is for lifetime of upgrades to future versions correct?
Also is there an easy way to get my settings from version 5 to version 6. Thanks

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