Infuse Pro 6 Buffering

I began having problems a week or so ago. Videos would play for a while and then appear to be buffering, but often would just freeze. It seemed sometimes if I restarted the AppleTV it would solve the problem for that session.

Yesterday I updated to 6.5.4 and to TVos 14.2 and in an initial test run it seemed okay. But last night a TV series played for about 12 minutes and then starting buffering, after a while resumed for a few second and then started buffering and didnt resume.

I restarted the Apple TV , but the problem continued. I restarted my Mac Mini, same

I don’t use Infuse on my iPad often, but last night I added the video series I was trying to watch and watched on the iPad and even Air Played 3 episodes of the series to my AppleTV with no problems.

iPad was Infuse 6.4.3189

My videos are stored on a SMB connected to my 2018 Mac Mini by ethernet cable.

Appletv model A1625 (32) gig