Infuse Pro 6 App crash in Apple TV with no fix available

I bought my Infuse Pro 6 in late 2020, and I was satisfy with it’s functionality and stability.
However, since the last update on 6 which change it’s meta data source, I can no longer access the language setting (once I click on any one of the option, the app crash).

and there is no more update on version 6 to fix this issue, and CS request me to download Infuse Pro 7 and pay AGAIN to fix this issue, I think this is not a responsible act as a developer, especially on such a not quite cheap App

Infuse Pro 6 is no longer available on the App Store, and won’t be receiving any future updates. Most things should still work fine, but there may be quirks with newer versions of iOS/tvOS software.

However, you are eligible to receive a free year of Pro in Infuse 7, and upgrading through Infuse 7 would allow you to receive all future updates automatically (even major releases like v8, v9, v100, etc…)

My poor IPad Mini (aka IPad Mini Retina or iPad Mini 2). Have a magnet mount on the cabinet over my sink to occasionally play content while I cook and clean and sometimes eat; sometimes carry it around for noise when I’m working on other things elsewhere. Never supported by Infuse 7. (Or the iOS level that Infuse 7 requires). :disappointed:

Yet it still is supported by YouTube TV, YouTube, and (far as I know) is still supported by most streaming services.

I’m not terribly broken up over it. It is a ten year old tablet, and society does like making such things disposable after only a couple years at most these days….

At least you have the newer one. My gen 1 barely works as an ipod anymore. :clown_face:

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Back in less than 2 years ago, I’ve paid more than twice the price of year subscription for a full Infuse Pro 6. However, with just about a year and half, firecore is asking me to paid again for it’s bug. What is the point for paying full price for a full app? and get even less support for cheaper 3 mths / yearly subscription?

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