Infuse Pro 6 and upgrades

Well Personally i wouldn’t say you’re giving your money away since you are getting a quality piece of software in return that’s frequently updated.

To be honest only you can make that decision if you think it’s worth the price or not.

That’s true on the other hand and also the reason I like Infuse that much.

Hope there will be good deals!

So it’s not clear what really happened in December 2016, when I bought it, I searched quite long for any differences, then I decided that the standalone version would be a little more elegant and there wouldn’t be any substantial differences.

I got inFuse 5 at that time as well. I went with the subscription option because it was clear that was the only option that gave you updates past v5 at no additional cost.

Was it more expensive?
If not, why are only the subscription based clients getting an upgrade?

Everything that is for sure about the new version and pricing for both the single purchase and subscriptions and all the super duper upgrades and special pricing can be found here Infuse 6 coming soon! (update: now available!)

Every thing else is purely speculation and guessing until Firecore announces the deal. Heck all we know is there is a plan to release V6 “sometime” early 2019. Writing software is like herding cats and it abhors a schedule. Early is a relative term, anytime before July could be called “early”.

I’m anxious too but we still have a great entertainment app that beats the others hands down to hold us over until the release!

Was it more expensive?
If not, why are only the subscription based clients getting an upgrade?

The subscription cost was less than buying the Pro version outright, but it was an annual re-occurring charge. The whole point was that by going for subscription you would get future updates at no change to the subscription price (I.e. the subscription price was locked in).

But I’m pretty sure, there was just one single in-app-purchase to be made. No subscriptions at first. It was the first week after release…

Well, ok it doesn’t matter anyways. Buyers of the standalone won’t get free upgrade anyways there will always be reasoning against it…

The subscription option was something we rolled out with the release of Infuse 5, and in our opinion is a more fair way of handling upgrades.

For example, instead of buying an app at some point in time and guessing at when the next major version is going to come out…or buying it only to have the next major release come out a month later, you can subscribe to a lower-cost subscription which covers all future updates.

This upgrade model is one Apple started encouraging developers to use at WWDC 2016, and is something we feel treats everyone fairly while also enabling us to continue adding features and other improvements. Of course, not everyone may be on board with this, which is why we kept the one-time cost (paid) app option around…but this will be limited to v5 updates only.

FWIW, Infuse has received a ton of updates (including a full redesign on iOS) since the Infuse 5 release in 2016 (Infuse Release Notes | Firecore), and all of these were rolled out at no cost to Infuse 5 users.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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