Infuse Pro 6 and upgrades

I have just bough the ATV 4K a couple of weeks ago, and the first thing I did has been to install Infuse, of which I heard so many (and well deserved!!) great things, also enabling the free month trial. Obviously I plan to get the Pro version once the trial expires.

Still, since the prices aren’t exactly cheap, especially in EUR (come on guys, as of today €1 = $1.20 and about that it has been for years. The VAT isn’t an excuse for the value difference between USD and EUR, it should be 1 to 1…) and there are a bit too many purchasing option I have few questions. I plan to buy the Infuse 5 Pro app anyway, so:

  1. When is Infuse Pro 6 planned to be released? I mean, Infuse Pro 5 came out 1 year ago, I would hate to buy it now and to have to upgrade tomorrow.
  2. Do you plan any upgrade option from Infuse Pro 5 license owners? Would also it work from Infuse Pro 5 to the lifetime license?
  3. Would I still able to use Infuse Pro 5 without upgrading, with the incoming new versions of tvOS (like 11.2, 11.3 and so on)?

If 3. isn’t an issue I would be happy enough. I don’t plan to upgrade my ATV 4K in few years anyway and at the end I just want to watch my movies and TV Shows with Hi-Res audio without too much hassle and Infuse Pro 5 does that exceptionally well! Thanks.

We don’t have an ETA for v6 right now, but considering we got through 5.6 in 2017 it doesn’t seem too far of a stretch that 6.0 may be available at some point in 2018.

If you select one of the In-App Purchase options you’ll be covered for all future updates, even major releases like v6, v7, etc… If you choose the standalone Pro app you’ll get updates for v5 only.

More info on this can be found here.


I recently bought Infuse Pro 5 and wonder if I can ”switch” to Infuse 5 (free version) and from there buy the lifetime license within in-app purchases, but to a discounted rate because of my previous Pro purchase?



Yes, you can simply follow the upgrade steps (using Infuse Pro 5 instead of 4) as described here.

James, for the in-app purchase family sharing option, do I have to keep my family logged into my trakt account, or can I log them in, have Infuse upgrade itself (to my lifetime subscription) and then log them out? I currently have my family using my fully paid Pro v5 version but I don’t want to have to purchase Pro v6 just to share with my family, as I don’t want them using my trakt account.

Additionally, can I then log them into their own trakt account and for it to maintain my lifetime subscription option?

Thank you,


You’ll need to stay logged into Trakt, but can disable the ‘Scrobbler’ option so their watched history does not sync to your account.

I read it through, but does this also apply when making a lifetime purchase? I am more interested in that than to keep purchasing every new major version in the future.

Yes, it will apply to the lifetime license.

Hey guys,

I wanted to start a new thread but thought I’d just add my question here if you don’t mind.

My yearly membership will expire next week and I’m really pleased with the app apart from TWO gripes with it (No Rotten Tomatoes score and no instant 10 second skip like Plex).

I just wanted to know if you plan on increasing the Lifetime subscription price of $49.99 in 2019?

Thanks guys!

Dumb question.

So I bought Infuse Pro. My options going forward are to buy the Infuse 6 pro version or purchase a lifetime subscription?

Buffering/seeking is getting a big improvement in 6.0. We have also have some good things in the works for improved ratings, though we don’t have a timeline for RT right now.

There are 2 ways you can check.

  1. Jump into App Store > Purchased and look at which app you see (Infuse 5 or Infuse Pro 5).
  2. Look up you purchase history in iTunes. View your purchase history for the App Store, iTunes Store, and other Apple media services - Apple Support

Purchased / running Infuse 5 Pro.

There’s a link in James’s sig line that may shed some light on options and time frame Infuse 6 coming soon! (update: now available!)

So will there be a free upgrade or „merge“ as you call it in the post of Infuse 6, when you bougth the standalone app?

If no, it would be quite disappointing since the prices horrendously increased in the couple of months and it was greatly advertised on the website to have a „free“ upgrade to „future versions“ of Infuse. There was nothing on the website stating that for some reason ONLY the users downloading the free app and buying the in-app-purchase there would get the upgrade.

If there will be just a small discount, I‘ll enjoyingly switch to Plex.

Where did you see any suggestion there would be a free upgrade? The only one I noticed said that was with a subscription.

On the website when Infuse 5 was launched, it said all future versions would be included, without the notice that this only applies to the App with in-App-purchases.

Are you sure? I thought from the outset that it was made very clear that free upgrades were only available via subscription, and not if you bought the Pro version directly. At least that is my recollection.

I am sure that the majority of users would not have gone for the subscription if they did not realise this difference!

Nobodys memory is 100% accurate, but from what I remember when I bought it right after release back then there weren’t any subscriptions. It was a one-time-purchase for about 15 USD/EUR/CHF. I tried to find this out using the wayback machine.

Although there is just a snapshot from Feb. 02. 2017, in plain text, the closest you can get to the release of Infuse 5 in Dec. 2016.
In the version of the 2nd of February you can’t there see anything like that. In the version of April 4th you then get the updated version with the phrasing: “Get access to all future updates - even major releases like v6, v7, etc… with an annual subscription to Infuse Pro.”

So it’s not clear what really happened in December 2016, when I bought it, I searched quite long for any differences, then I decided that the standalone version would be a little more elegant and there wouldn’t be any substantial differences.

But whatever the past was, why don’t you give the standalone-app-users a free app anyways?

Similar to what GoodNotes did last week. If you’d already bought the 9 USD/EUR/CHF app v4, you were able to get a “Upgrade Bundle” for free which contains both apps v4 and v5 if you have one of these apps. This because of their generosity to customers.

Same could apply to v5 and v6 of the standalone Infuse app.

Link to GoodNotes “Upgrade Bundle” (when you own v4, the bundle is able to be obtained with no extra cost):

  • Thanks again to GoodNotes for your generosity!

Hi, You said it your self you bought the standalone app, even if you say there was not a subscription at that time of purchase. There probably will be an offer to upgrade to the version 6 standalone app at a discounted price.

If there was a free upgrade for the standalone app there would be no reason of offering a subscription option.

Why not just go subscription when 6 comes out, it’s a couple of pints of beer a year for something you may use quite often, plus personally its great to supports the developers every year ?, although I have bought lifetime instead of paying yearly.

Wait what, will you get a discount on just the standalone app? Then in one year the whole disaster begins again… ?
You know, as a student I’m low on budget. It’s not such a pleasure to give away my money like you described. ?
I’d rather give it to charity then…

I hope that there will be at least a discount on the lifetime subscription… (more than the current one for 34 CHF total)