Infuse Pro 6 and not syncing (Apple TV 4k)

I’m using the latest Infuse Pro 6 version and have a account. When I was using Infuse Pro 5 all my watch history and progress synced perfectly between my 3 Apple TV 4k’s, but after switching to Infuse Pro 6 it no longer works.

If I was an episode of a TV show on one Apple TV 4k then I can’t see this progression on either of the 2 other Apple TV 4k’s.

I’m not using Infuse on any other platforms than on the Apple TV 4k.

Also, in Infuse 6 it shows that I’m running the pro version, but in the Apple TV app store it just tells me that I’m running the free version. The price for the pro version is still written in the App Store. Is this normal?

Infuse 6 use iCloud to sync watched history between devices. Trakt will also work.

The prerequisites for using iCloud can be found here iCloud & Trakt Syncing – Firecore For using Trakt, you’ll just need to ensure you are logged into Trakt on all devices.

Also, Pro is available 2 ways: via in-app or via standalone paid app. The in-app option will include automatic updates to major releases. A bit more info can be found here. Infuse Pro: Purchases, Upgrades, and Family Sharing

ICloud is enabled on all devices with the same iCloud account. Trakt is enabled and logged in and scrobbler is enabled. It doesn’t sync!

Also, I’ve noticed that the metadata for quite a few movies suddenly disappeared a couple of months ago. Rescanning these movies resulted in metadata recovery but with completely differerent cover images! Some in japanes, some in Russian (I Think). Metadata is correct in Danish.

Also, at the same time the metadata for and cover art for Frasier (TV-show) suddenly disappeared and is now constantly refreshing and reorganising.

Maybe I’m best of by deleting inFuse and all metadata and reinstalling?