Infuse Pro 6.5.1 cannot connect to Mac shares

Things are getting worse. Mac OS Catalina, macbook pro 2020, apple tv 4k - no luck connecting to smb share, spinning wheel “connecting” then “infuse encountered an error”.
Switching to VLC, it connects in an instant.
Many questions, and first of them “why pay premium for an app that cannot get basic network connectivity right when a free app does it … for free”?!?

I’m having this problem today has well. Over the past month, I’m having difficulties with infuse.

Please send a bug report. From settings scroll down to the last entry and post the 6 digit code here

GRSZQ is the code I get, dont know about 6 digits?

You’re fine, the code you reported is what would be needed if it becomes beneficial to troubleshooting your problem.

There’s no 6 digit code that I know of.

Thanks. We’re looking into this.

SMB Shares went from being awesome in v5 to becoming a pain in the butt in v6. Really curious why this keeps happening. VLC indeed doing everything in an instant. Infuse having issues all the time…

Have any specifics that may benefit the thread?

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Can you try updating to Infuse 6.5.4 and tvOS 14.2 and let us know if these issues are still present?

Will do and report back. I think Everything updated already. But I will check. Been using Plex shares in the meantime but thats a workaround. Speed difference is about 400mbits


I’m still on 6.5.3. Is there a way to manually update ?

Go to the app store on the device and go to the purchased section. You can then look under entertainment and select Infuse there. It will show an Update button there.

Yeah just did that. Unfortunately still same issue here.

SMB shares maximum 100 MBps (GBit ethernet Apple Timecapsule to Apple 4K Wifi)
The Timecapsule share went from around 100 MBps to maximum 80 from the last time I checked about a month ago.

Plex shares still going strong at around 450-500 MBps (same network)
Tested 3 different macs: Mac Pro 7.1, iMac 2020 and a custom Hackintosh server. All of them have Plex libraries and SMB shares.