Infuse Pro 6.4.6 (3127) - The external subtitles is not visible

Infuse Pro 6.4.6 (3127) - 07-07-2020
The external subtitles is not visible.
(Local drive - SMB).
It works the same with other applications.

(Apple TV 4K)

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There’s a users guide here on how to use subtitles that may help.

Also make sure the subtitle file name is correct and that it’s in the same folder as the video.

It is not clear from this what the correct name is.
These combinations are not visible:
X.Mkv + X.Srt
X - 1 - 01.Mkv + X - 1 - 01.Srt
(MrMC handles both formats well.)
I am a new user.
There was no previous version of Infuse.
Infuse Pro 6.4.6 (3127) is the first.
Does the visibility of external subtitles depend on any of the settings?

SMB: NAS (Linux) + Windows 10


Not visible:
X - 1 - 01.Srt
X - 1 -

It would be good if both formats worked: srt and Srt

I believe this will depend on the source device.

Some devices have disk formats which are case-sensitive, and others do not.

For example, if you have disk which ignores case sensitivity you cannot have both ‘X - 1 - 01.Srt’ and 'X - 1 - in the same folder. If your drive does support case-sensitivity, you could have both of these files in the same folder, and the names would need to match the video file exactly.

I don’t use two X.Srt and files with the same name in a directory.
(Not possible for Windows).
The problem is that Infuse does not display X.Srt files at all.
X.Mkv + X.Srt is not visible in Infuse.
X.Mkv + Ok in Infuse.
Because of .Srt, Infuse believes there is no external Subtitles.
X.Mkv + X.Srt Ok.
X.Mkv + Ok.
That’s why I didn’t see the external Subtitles.
I had to rename the extension:
X.Srt →
No problem, now I know what to do.
Of course, it would be nice if Infuse could also see the extension that starts with a capital letter.

.srt = .SRT .Srt .sRt .srT .SRt .sRT

Software bug or special logic?

Why do external subtitles work this way?

.ass + .srt = is displayed
.ASS .Ass + .SRT .Srt = is not visible (as if it does not exist)

There are no such restriction for video files:

.mkv .MKV .Mkv (.mKv .mkV .MKv .mKV) is displayed

Infuse Pro 6 + Apple Tv 4K

We have added a change which should address this issue for the upcoming 6.4.8 update.

Case will no longer matter with regard to matching videos with subtitles.


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